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Boston College-Maryland: Who Needs This Game More? And The Big Finish

Brian: Two very desperate teams square off on Saturday at 1pm on the Heights. Spaz and the Eagles are looking to snap a four game losing streak, and right the ship on a very disappointing season. Meanwhile, Ralph Friedgen and the Terrapins are setting out to prove that their fast 4-2 start wasn't a fluke after getting hammered by Clemson 31-7. Maryland has lost 10 straight road games -- a streak that dates back to 2008, and includes two losses in Chestnut Hill. So who needs this game more -- the Eagles or the Terrapins?

Jeff: This is a no-brainer as the Eagles' record is 2-4 while Maryland's record is 4-2. Maryland has a much bigger cushion to lose this weekend and still accomplish their goal for the season which was to make a bowl game and finish with a winning record. BC meanwhile had hopes of playing in Charlotte and being 2-5 through 7 games would be absolutely devastating and would probably cost someone their job. BC absolutely cannot afford to lose on Saturday since the game is at home for them while Maryland can look to hold serve at home the rest of the season to accomplish their goals.

Brian: I'm not sure it's such a cut and dry question, Jeff. Did I mention that Maryland has lost 10 straight road games? That is awful. Sure Spaz has struggled on the road, but he's at least notched a few wins on the road last season. In their last 10 games, Friedgen and the Turtles have dropped two road games to BC, got crushed by Virginia 31-0 and even lost to Duke on the road in that span. Friedgen is trying to impress a new AD and hold onto his job, and I think becoming bowl-eligible this season is a minimum to do that. Without a win on Saturday, it becomes much, much tougher to do that for Maryland. Especially considering they have two more road games -- Miami and Virginia -- and tough home games against N.C. State and Florida State.  

This game has the feel of a bowl-eligibility play-in game.

Things clearly haven't gone Spaz's way this year, and Friedgen hasn't exactly impressed with last year's 2-10 record. Both head coaches have come under a bit of fire recently. Which coach will be at the current head coaching spot longer -- Spaz or Friedgen?

Jeff: At this point I honestly say that both are still employed at their current position next season but no longer than that. I will go with Spaz because I think the Eagles have a better chance of making a bowl game and still firing Spaz while Maryland might not make a bowl game next season and let the Fridge go from there.


Big Finish

Brian: Spaz is once again juggling the starters on the offensive line for this weekend's game. Do you think he finally has the right combination of starters?

Jeff: The center is a very important position so I hope so.


Jeff: Washington Post readers don't think Maryland will gain 80 or more yards rushing. Do you agree?

Brian: Da'Rel Scott hasn't really been able to crack the BC rush defense in the last two games. I don't expect him to have figured it out tomorrow.


Brian: Add a bruised sternum to the growing list of injuries to Mark Herzlich. Herzlich is listed as probable. Do you expect him to (yet again) play through the pain? 

Jeff: We know he'll play as he always does.


Jeff: The Eagles' women's soccer team now has a losing record in conference play. What happened?

Brian: The ACC happened. The conference is easily the best conference in women's soccer, with 5 teams ranked in the top 10.


Brian: Tranquill is starting from scratch at QB for the second straight season. How much of BC's offensive woes are on Tranq and how much are on the revolving door at QB1?

Jeff: This season everything is Tranquill's fault. He could've helped Shinskie progress further or benched him sooner.


Jeff: What do you expect attendance at Alumni to be on Saturday?

Brian: Under 34,000. Easily the worst of the season.


Brian: Last one. I sold the rights to my prediction to Testudo Times. Who ya got in this one? What's the final score?

Jeff: BC wins easily. 27-7


Pick 5

Last week, and unlike Spaz, Jeff and I both temporarily stopped the bleeding going 3-2 on the weekend. On the year, Jeff is 15-20 while I'm a game back at 14-21. How quickly fortunes can change year over year. At this point of the season last year, Jeff had an identical 15-20 record while I had a 24-11 record (a difference of 10 games). At 14-21, I've dipped the lowest below .500 after the first seven weeks of the last three seasons. 


Michigan State -6 at Northwestern
Iowa State at Texas -21
Duke at Virginia Tech -27
Maryland at Boston College -4
Texas Tech -2.5 at Colorado


Syracuse at West Virginia -13.5
Georgia Tech +5.5
at Clemson
Nebraska at Oklahoma State +6
Georgia -4 at Kentucky
Oklahoma -2.5 at Missouri -- This is a dangerous line, but I have my reasons.