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Want To Know How Bad It's Gotten? Check This Weekend's Over/Under

If you wanted to get a sense of just how bad it's gotten for Boston College and Maryland football, check the over/under on the game this weekend. The current over/under on this weekend's game between the Eagles and Terrapins is 41. That's the lowest over/under you'll find in all the college football action this weekend.  

Here are the lowest over/unders on football games this weekend.

Like offense? Then don't watch these games.

Away Home Over/Under
Maryland Boston College 41
Rutgers Pittsburgh 44
Wyoming BYU 44
South Carolina Vanderbilt 46
Purdue Ohio State 47
Temple Buffalo 47
Ohio Miami (Ohio) 47
South Florida Cincinnati 48
Wisconsin Iowa 48
Alabama Tennessee 48
North Carolina Miami 48

This is going away the lowest over/under for the Eagles so far this season. The next lowest over/under was 45.5 for the Virginia Tech game. Clearly, the Eagles and Hokies went under that day. I shudder to think what the over/under will be set at for BC's games against Wake Forest, Duke, Virginia and Syracuse.

So is this a testament to a stout BC defense? Or proof that the Eagles and Terrapins offenses have been downright terrible? I think I know the answer to that question, and it's probably not the former.