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N.C. State 44, Boston College 17: Where Do We Begin?

Brian: Where do should we begin?

Should we start with the easiest of targets -- Dave Shinskie -- who had pass after pass knocked down by the N.C. State defensive line, thrown behind receivers, dropped by the receivers or not thrown at all? Or should we talk about the offensive line, who, even though they played better than weeks past, still struggled to protect BC's quarterbacks and establish the running game? Maybe you think BC's inexperienced wide receiving corps is more to blame than the QB?

Maybe we should focus first on the defensive side of the ball, who got torched by the arm of Russell Wilson. The BC D also didn't wrap up tackles, flew at Russell Wilson trying to arm tackle him and let the Wolfpack defense convert six of their first 10 third down conversions.

Want to start with special teams play? A unit that gave up a blocked punt for a touchdown, badly missed their first field goal attempt, and averaged just 19.7 yards per kickoff return? (BC's special teams units now rank 105 nationally in kickoff returns and 109th in punt returns).

Finally, should we talk about coaching and offensive play-calling? Calling rushing plays on first AND second down while down 14, then 21, then 24, then 27 points?

Where do you want to begin?

Jeff: N.C. State should've gone 3 and out on their first possession but Donnie Fletcher missed a tackle allowing a first down and later 3 points. Then we have the ball and two passes get knocked down. Never giving the N.C. State defense an opportunity to make a similar missed tackle mistake and that leads to a blocked punt touchdown.

Then BC at least moves the ball a little on their second possession even though Shinskie missed plenty of opportunities. Had Harris gotten more attempts, maybe BC could have gotten 3 points at least. On N.C. State's second possession, they don't do much and it looks like the defense might be able to hold their own on Saturday after getting a sack on 3rd and 8.

On BC's third possession, Shinskie completes his first pass which puts BC in field goal position. Montel has only one rush for 5 yards and Coleman fails to make what would have been a good, but makable catch on third down. Freese then misses a 36 yarder which should be automatic for him.

After the Mark Herzlich interception, BC moves the ball a little but Shinskie makes a bad throw or two and then Momah had an opportunity to catch a fastball for a touchdown which really wasn't too high, but just thrown too hard for Momah to handle. That lead to a short field goal early in the second quarter and a 10-3 score. The score could've easily been tied or reversed and 10-3 in BC's favor but Shinskie's play was somewhat demoralizing while special teams play was extremely bad in the first quarter.

Shinskie was the backup QB going into this game. Rettig would've played if he were healthy. When your #1 option at QB is out, other players and units have to step up to win. Defense and special teams let us down Saturday.

Shinskie could've played great and I don't know if receivers would've made catches or if the defense and special teams would've held up their end of the bargain to win. Shinskie is not good enough to be the starting quarterback at Boston College any longer than it take for Rettig to get healthy or Bordner or some other option to arrive. He can not be blamed solely for this loss. Saturday was worse than the Notre Dame game in many ways. Where are we heading into the Florida State game. Are we at a point where we'd be thrilled with a loss by only 2 touchdowns? Perhaps.