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A No Hype Holy War Matchup And The Big Finish

Jeff: Surprising to both of us, the BC ticket office sent out an email yesterday afternoon offering season ticket holders the opportunity to purchase additional tickets to the Notre Dame tomorrow. Going into this past weekend where both BC and Notre Dame lost in demoralizing fashion, tickets were very hard to come by for those who didn't already have them. ESPN/ABC had already committed to televising the game at 8:00 so that wasn't changed after last week's games. However, this has to be one of the least anticipated Boston College vs. Notre Dame games in recent memory, right? BC has played Notre Dame coming off a loss before, but not a shutout. Similarly, Notre Dame has had losing records before going into the BC game, but not only one win on the season. Before the season began could you have imagined this?

Brian: Well as our Irish guest blogger C.W. pointed out, it was entirely plausible that Notre Dame could start the season 1-3. After all, they were just a 6-6 team a year ago who came into this season without their starting quarterback and star receiver. The Irish schedule is very front-loaded and they'll have the opportunity to pad the W column with games against Western Michigan, Navy, Tulsa and Army. But that certainly doesn't help hype up this game.

I think you're right in that if BC doesn't get shut out by the Hokies last weekend, this game probably has a bit more hype to it than it currently has. I feel a bit like I did last season after the Notre Dame game, when Josh Haden and Justin Tuggle decided to transfer and the Eagles were coming off a disappointing loss to Notre Dame (where they left a ton of points on the field). Feeling a bit like the wind has been taken out of the sails of the BC bandwagon.

Some of the lack of hype was out of BC's control, as we can't control how Notre Dame has performed thus far this season. But a lot of the hype around this game I think was in the team's control.

Personally, I think the coaching staff made a few poor decisions that led to this game being one of the least anticipated Holy War matchups, maybe in series history. We've already waxed poetic about how the decision to go with Shinskie to start the season has backfired. But I also think the coaching staff being coy and elusive in naming a starting quarterback for this weekend's game has also been a serious buzzkill for this game. I'm disappointed BC is pushing the reset button on this season, but since they are, the coaching staff should have come out on Monday and declared who the starting QB is going to be on Monday. Name a starter earlier this week so that the team and the fans can rally around either Rettig or Marscovetra, and fans' excitement can build throughout the week about seeing a new starting QB take the field against one of the program's hated rivals.

Instead, there's this shroud of mystery around who Superfans are going to see start when they show up to Alumni Stadium tomorrow. Combine that with the poor starts by both programs, and a full slate of other marquee matchups on national TV this weekend (Oregon-Stanford, Florida-Alabama, Penn State-Iowa) and I can easily see why this game may be one of the least hyped matchups in the Boston College vs. Notre Dame series.


Big Finish

Brian: Two weeks ago, ABC's Saturday Night Football featuring Notre Dame/Michigan State and Texas/Texas Tech drew a 4.9 overnight rating on ABC Saturday night. Over/under a 4.9 rating for Stanford/Oregon and Notre Dame/BC?

Jeff: Under. Florida-Alabama is on CBS at 8:00 also.


Jeff: BC has been to a bowl game every year since 1999 and has only needed a bowl W to finish above .500 once in that stretch (2000). Will the Eagles need a bowl W to get above .500 this season? 

Brian: I should hope not. I still see at least 7 regular season wins on the schedule despite the team's QB issue.


Brian: BC will have Challenger, a live Bald Eagle, make an appearance during the pregame festivities tomorrow. Will this game day tradition stick at BC?

Jeff: We are the Eagles, it would be a good thing.


Jeff: Over 150 yards rushing for Montel Harris Saturday?

Brian: Until the offensive line shows me some improvement, I've got to go under. 


Brian: The 2012 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic will be a doubleheader, featuring Clemson-Auburn and N.C. State-Tennessee (the CFA Classic now twice as likely to pass up BC!) Will BC ever get an invite to this game?

Jeff: This doubleheader is fascinating and I think does give BC fans hope that BC will one day get invited.


Jeff: With BC playing Notre Dame so early in the season there is not a Friday night hockey game. Disappointed?

Brian: Yes. Hockey-football doubleheaders are great for the fans. Perhaps the WAC will look to some WCHA schools like North Dakota in the next round of expansion so we can have more of them.


Brian: Last one. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that both ESPN bloggers are picking the Irish this weekend. Who ya got? What's the final score?

Jeff: I've got Boston College 20, Notre Dame 6.


Pick 5

Last week Jeff went 2-3 while Brian went a pathetic 1-4. But hey, that was more correct picks than ATL_Eagle and BCRaj combined last week, so that's something, right? On the season, Jeff is .500 at 10-10 while Brian is two games back at 8-12.


Florida State at Virginia +7
Duke at Maryland -8.5
Stanford +6.5 at Oregon
Notre Dame at Boston College +3
Georgia -4.5 at Colorado


Vanderbilt +7.5 at Connecticut
Miami -3 at Clemson
Florida State -7 at Virginia
Georgia Tech -10 at Wake Forest
Michigan -10 at Indiana


Both Brian and Jeff are on campus this weekend for the game. Follow us @bcinterruption. Go Eagles!