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Breaking Down the Rest of BC's Schedule and the Big Finish

Brian: Seven ACC games down, nine to go. The Eagles have bounced back from a 1-3 ACC start to win 2 of their last 3. But is this 3 game stretch an aberration, or will Boston College turn the corner? Let’s take a look at the Eagles’ last nine games and how kenpom predicts the rest of the season will go down.

Kenpom predicts the Eagles will go 5-11 in the ACC and 14-16 overall. So my question is over/under 5 ACC wins? If over, where do you disagree with kenpom?

Sat Jan 30 (25) Florida St. L, 66-65 67 43% Home
Sat Feb 6 (2) Duke L, 76-66 66 15% Home
Tue Feb 9 (36) Wake Forest L, 73-65 69 21% Away
Sun Feb 14 (25) Florida St. L, 70-61 67 17% Away
Sat Feb 20 (44) North Carolina W, 76-74 71 58% Home
Wed Feb 24 (35) Virginia Tech L, 64-63 65 49% Home
Sat Feb 27 (18) Georgia Tech L, 74-64 68 15% Away
Wed Mar 3 (62) Virginia W, 68-65 62 64% Home
Sun Mar 7 (75) North Carolina St. L, 71-68 64 38% Away


Jeff: Well the last time we looked at Kenpom predictions we were predicted to lose all of our remaining ACC games so I think Kenpom is right in that we are a quickly improving team. I do not agree though that after starting 3-4 in conference, we will then go 2-7 in our remaining games. I think this team will finish 8-8 from what I've seen so far with a win this Saturday likely and possible wins at Wake Forest, at N.C. State or maybe an upset of Duke at home next week to differ from the Kenpom predictions.

Brian: I agree with this team is improving, but I think 8-8 (5-4 in our last 9) in the ACC is a very optimistic outlook. BC might win a game or two over the next four, but the only two wins predicted by Kenpom - North Carolina and Virginia - are hardly gimmes. After the inconsistent start to this season, I hope that this team can win 3 or 4 more regular season ACC games and possibly take one game in the ACC Tournament. At 17-15 (7-9 ACC), BC will have an outside shot of making the NIT. The way this season has gone, an NIT appearance would be a pretty significant accomplishment given the tough road the rest of the way out.


Big Finish

Brian: interviewed the newest Eagle Brady Heslip. In describing his game, the first thing he says is "I play the point." Chances Heslip starts over Biko Paris next season?

Jeff: No idea. But Biko has left the door open with his play so far this year.


Jeff: According to HD, BC had the 14th best total defense nationally from 2004-09. Were you as surprised as I was that that was only good for 4th best in the ACC?

Brian: There are some solid programs on the list, although Clemson, Miami, and Auburn stand out to me as teams whose overall performance didn't live up to their defensive performance the last 5 years.


Brian: Former Eagle Sean Williams. Cause of BC’s recent hoops downturn or, in the words of Bob Ryan, simply a "thorough squanderer of talent?"

Jeff: Ha. No, not the cause of BC's downturn, but he did waste some talent.


Jeff: UNC’s spring game will be televised by ESPN. Does the WWL know something about next year’s Coastal Division race that we don’t?

Brian: No idea. I think the Coastal Division is Virginia Tech's to lose.


Brian: Get this. Notre Dame turns down a bowl game this past season yet still takes in $1.3 million in BCS revenues. Anything wrong with this picture?

Jeff: Nope, BC got a piece of the pie too.


Jeff: Baseball was picked to finish third in the Atlantic Division in the coaches’ preseason poll, the highest they’ve have been voted since joining the ACC. Sound about right?

Brian: BC earned some respect from last year's NCAA Tournament appearance. Sounds right to me, but others seem to disagree.


Brian: Last one, big basketball game tomorrow. Florida State. Boston College. I know who you got, so let's cut to the chase. What’s the final score?

Jeff: Close game. Boston College 68, Florida State 65.