ESPN's Boston GameDay Guide


"Boston College is one of a few dozen institutions that make Boston one of the country's best college towns. What some don't realize is how things athletic mix so fervently with things academic. Even the smartest are into hockey, lacrosse and racing on the Charles River. BC's gorgeous campus in Chestnut Hill, the quiet leafy suburb west of the center, sees fewer visitors than some campuses, and some visiting ACC fans gently mock its wee stadium (44,500 capacity), but it packs a roar on fall Saturdays, when tailgaters pull out kielbasa and fresh lobster. It is also a place you can shop up last-minute and almost always manage to get a $37 seat. "College GameDay" joins the scene in Chestnut Hill on Saturday as Florida State faces the Eagles at Alumni Stadium." I need to find myself at one of these classy tailgates that serves fresh lobster ...