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Welcome To BC Interruption

We’d like to welcome you to BC Interruption (2.0), the new SB Nation blog on Boston College athletics. If you’ve come over from our Blogger site, thank you! We hope that you will stick with us as we make this move. While our posts may be more colorful and sexy over here on SBNation, our blog posting format and schedule will remain the same. If you’ve never heard of us before and are reading this for the first time, welcome. We hope that you will make us a regular stop for discussions and commentary about the Boston College Eagles.

We made the move to SBNation primarily because of the added features that we can provide you, our readers. We encourage you to register a SBN account and have a look around at some of the blog’s new bells and whistles.

FanPosts – You can use FanPosts to spark conversation about a topic that Jeff and I don’t cover on the front page. Any topic is fair-game so long as it is 1) Eagles-related, 2) respectful of our readers and 3) respectful of our opponents.

FanShots – If you don’t feel like writing a whole FanPost, but have links, quotes, photos or videos that you would like to share with the community, you want a FanShot. They are easy to write and easy to quickly share with the entire community. Much like FanPosts, please keep FanShots BC-related.

Jeff and I can promote FanPosts or FanShots to the front page to share with the rest of the BC Interruption community. The more readers that are involved, the stronger this community will be. Our simple advice is don’t be shy, and  jump right in.

In addition, we are integrated with the Eagles football and basketball schedules, rosters and statistics. Be sure to check them out as well. 

Finally, our door is open. If you have a question, remark, critique, or simply want to get more involved in BC Interruption, you can email the blog at bcinterruption at gmail dot com. We look forward to hearing from you. Go Eagles!