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Who Ya Got The Eagles Playing in 2010? and the Big Finish

Brian: With the demise of the Hofstra Pride football program, a spot has opened up on the Eagles 2010 football schedule (October 9). Now we all know that GDF will go to the bench and call up another I-AA opponent (i.e Maine, Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, Villanova). With the economy the way it has been and the lackluster home attendance numbers over the past few seasons, I guess I couldn’t be upset with that decision.

But let’s imagine for a moment that the Eagles Athletic Department mans up and schedules a game with a legit I-A opponent. Who you got the Eagles playing in 2010?

Here is the list of potential programs from the ranks of I-A that the Eagles could schedule (all open slots as per


Program Conference Open Slots Available 10/9?
TCU Mountain West 2 Yes
Akron MAC 1 Yes
Western Michigan MAC 1 Yes
Connecticut Big East 1 Yes
UTEP Conference USA 1 Yes
Navy IA Independent 1 Yes
Air Force Mountain West 1 Yes
Arkansas State Sun Belt 1 Yes
New Mexico State WAC 1 Yes
San Jose State WAC 1 Yes
Utah State WAC 1 Yes
Missouri Big 12 1 No
Northwestern Big Ten 1 No
Arizona State Pac-10 1 No
Washington State Pac-10 1 No
Kentucky SEC 1 No


Jeff: UConn jumps out at me from that list as the team that the Eagles should schedule next year on October 9. Perhaps this game should be a one year deal with the game in Foxboro as I have always thought would be great for both programs. The team that I think we will schedule though is Navy. We can schedule a two-year home and home deal or a three year home-away-home deal with the Middies where Navy comes to the Heights next year and BC travels to Annapolis several years from now. On occasion at this point in the year, there are some really big time programs still looking to fill open dates in their schedule. But this year it doesn't appear that there are any SEC powers or teams with national championship hopes looking for a 12th game.So Navy or UConn would be a very nice addition to replace Hofstra.

Brian: Blaudschun agrees with you and writes today that BC and UConn should play one another, say mid-October at Gillette Stadium. Connecticut's 2010 schedule was also snake-bitten by Northeastern's decisions to shutter its football program. The two teams won't play, and in my opinion, they shouldn't. GDF won't ever schedule UConn as long as he's AD and I agree with him. UConn coach Randy Edsall has been a huge proponent of the two programs playing one another, but it's unlikely Edsall will still be in Storrs next season. Edsall's name has been rumored for both the Notre Dame job (a long shot) and one of the first names mentioned for the Kansas job. If he leaves UConn, this idea loses steam, and so long as GDF is at the Heights, this game won't get scheduled.

I like your suggestion of Navy. That is one program which the Eagles have a deep history with but who are curiously absent from the next few year's schedules. The Eagles could play in Annapolis next year and Navy could return to BC in 2013 (the slot vacated by Northeastern). I would also be in favor of extending the upcoming Northwestern series to a third game, but it is unlikely that Northwestern will schedule another away game in 2010. The 'Cats only currently have 5 home games (Illinois State and four Big Ten matchups) and will most likely be looking for a sixth home game. BC could scheduled 6 home games and 6 road games next year with either Navy or Northwestern, but I think that is highly unlikely with the state of the economy and the Eagles' recent home attendance figures.

Blaudschun also suggests that BC will simply look at Hofstra's schedule and schedule a regional I-AA opponent that needs a game such as Maine. Again, that's probably what GDF does in this case but it doesn't hurt to dream, right?


Big Finish

Brian: It sounds like BC is all but booked for San Francisco to take on a ranked Stanford team. Given the matchup and the location, your early reactions. Odds BC pushes their record to 9-4 in the bowl game?

Jeff: Well, the game should sell out so that is certainly exciting for the team and any BC fans that get to make the trip. No reason BC can't beat the Cardinal since we saw Notre Dame take them down to the wire at Stanford.


Jeff: USF coach Jim Leavitt isn’t happy that this weekend’s ACC Championship Game is in Tampa, forcing the Bulls to go on the road for the regular season finale two seasons in a row. Your thoughts?

Brian: If he isn’t happy about this, he should tell the Big East to get in line and end the regular season the same weekend all other respectable BCS conferences end theirs.


Brian: Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow believes 7-5 is a "reasonable" goal for the Terrapins and coach Ralph Friedgen in 2010. Do you?

Jeff: I think she should have simplified and said just make a bowl game and don't require overtime to defeat I-AA schools.


Jeff: Big weekend for BC men’s hockey as they have road games against Massachusetts (9-3-0) and Boston University (4-7-2). How many games you have the Eagles winning this weekend?

Brian: Coming off their National Championship, BU is off to a really poor start. I like the Eagles to beat BU and skate to a tie with UMass.


Brian: Paul Johnson won the ACC Coach of the Year award for the second straight season. Frank Spaziani finished fourth in voting (behind Johnson, Swinney and Cutcliffe) and only received 2 votes. You surprised?

Jeff: Yes. Cutcliffe really didn't finish the season well at all.


Jeff: The men's hoops team hosts undefeated Miami (Fla.) on Sunday in their first conference game of the season. Can the Eagles knock off the undefeated Hurricanes?

Brian: The Hurricanes are undefeated but haven't necessarily been tested. I like the Eagles chances to keep things rolling.


Brian: Anheuser-Busch has discontinued its school-themed Bud Light can designs, making the BC one I kept from the Notre Dame game a bit of a collector’s item. At the UNC game, we agreed I wouldn’t crack that beer open until BC wins a national championship in football. Will I crack open said beer in my lifetime?

Jeff: No. So far in your lifetime no team like Boston College has won a National Championship. That trend will continue and I'm afraid the stress of blogging might not allow you to live an above-average lifespan.


Jeff: Last one, I’m at the ACC Championship Game this weekend. Man up and make a prediction. Who ya got? What’s the final score?

Brian: I’ll go with Georgia Tech in a game that winds up being a much lower scoring affair than people anticipate. Georgia Tech 17, Clemson 10.


Pick 5


  • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (+2.5)
  • West Virginia (+2.5) at Rutgers
  • Florida vs. Alabama (+5.5)
  • Arizona (+7) at Southern California
  • Texas vs. Nebraska (+14.5)


  • Houston (-2.5) at East Carolina
  • New Mexico State (+47.5) at Boise State
  • California (-7) at Washington
  • Florida Atlantic (+2) at Florida International
  • Wisconsin at Hawaii (+11.5)