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BC Announces Deal With Under Armour: We Must Protect This House?

Boston College has announced a deal with Under Armour that will make UA the official outfitter of Boston College Athletics effective July 2010. The six year deal will allow UA the right to provide all 31 BC varsity sports with uniforms, apparel and footware.

"As one of the bellwether athletic programs of the Northeast and a perennial national championship contender, Boston College is an ideal match for the Under Armour brand. The Eagles' rich heritage across multiple sports is a testament to the dedicated athletes and administrators who strive to be the best," said Kevin Plank, CEO and Founder, Under Armour. "BC has maintained a loyal and fervent fan base in a city that demands excellence from all of its teams, and this partnership will have an immediate, positive impact for our brand and this elite athletic program and institution."

"Perennial national championship contenders?" Under Armour knows the way to a fan's heart ...

BC will join Auburn, Hawai'i, Maryland, North Texas, South Carolina, South Florida, Texas Tech and Utah as the only I-A football programs sporting Under Armour football jerseys.

Immediate reactions:

  • Under Armour ice hockey jerseys? Really?
  • Hopefully no one pulls a Marcus Jordan and screws up this deal by wearing the wrong basketball shoes
  • Will Maryland and Boston College compete annually for the moisture-wicking Under Armour Trophy in late November?
  • I guess I'm OK with the deal if the BC program is featured alongside Texas Tech and Auburn in the "UA is football" commercials set to the Friday Night Lights soundtrack (see below)
  • I'm also OK with the deal if they manage to get our school colors right. Death to Reebok Red and whatever shade of maroon adidas had on BC apparel. All I'm asking for is a little consistency, people.

Reactions on the deal? Thoughts?

We must protect this house ...