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Poll: What Does November Have In Store for the Eagles?

Here is your weekly poll question ... the BYE week special.

The month of November has been relatively kind to the Eagles in recent years. But what does this November have in store for the Eagles?

First, let me hit you up with some historical stats. Since 2002, the Eagles are 19-10 overall in the month of November. BC is 10-4 at home, including a 4-1 mark in 2008. However, BC is only 9-6 on the road. BC hasn't posted a losing record in November since 2001 (thanks in no small part to Mike Rumph's fat knee).

Here's the Eagles' remaining schedule:

  • at Virginia (3-5, 2-2 ACC)
  • North Carolina (5-3, 1-3)
  • at Maryland (2-6, 1-3)

So we leave it to you. How does November end for BC? Vote now.