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The Regular Season Finale and the Big Finish

Brian: This is probably the least meaningful game that BC has played in a long time. Do you think the team will be motivated to play in this one? What do you expect tomorrow?

Jeff: This game is no less meaningful than any non-conference game against a team other than Notre Dame. I expect the Eagles to play well and I expect a win since Maryland is the weakest team in the league this season and certainly worse than Central Michigan. I imagine many people are thinking that the Eagles might mail it in just like Miami did a few weeks ago after Georgia Tech clinched the Coastal Division. I don't see BC doing that because that is not behavior we have ever seen from a BC football team and I also wonder if all the players in that locker room had a Tampa or bust type mentality.

Brian: The last time the Eagles went into College Park to face a Terrapin team with just one ACC win, the Eagles were 8-1 and ranked 8th in the nation. Chris Turner had a huge day against the Eagles defense and the Terrapins upset BC. How much will redemption be on the mind of the Eagles tomorrow?

Jeff: Not at all. BC got their redemption last year when it was more of the same players, the same coach, and the Atlantic Division was on the line.


Big Finish

Jeff: The women's soccer team was bounced from the NCAAs yesterday in a 3-1 loss to Stanford. Your thoughts?

Brian: No shame in losing to a team that is 24-0 on the season. A great season for the women's soccer team.


Brian: With 19 tackles last week, Luke Kuechly moved into the nationwide lead in tackles with 126 tackles, five ahead of Brian Wagner of Akron. Chances Kuechly finishes the regular season in first?

Jeff: has Kuechly in fifth place with Carmen Messina (New Mexico) leading with 146 tackles. Regardless, I'll say 1%.


Jeff: Mark Herzlich is now officially getting ready for next season after his successful surgery on Monday. Who has more tackles next season, Kuechly or Herzlich?

Brian: I'll go with Kuechly and will be content with seeing Herzlich back on the field next season.


Brian: Will this be the last game for Ralph Friedgen?

Jeff: No. Maryland can not afford to buy out his contract. Maryland needs to set realistic expectations for their football program.


Jeff: BC men's basketball travels to Providence (4-1) tonight. Can the Eagles right the ship without Sanders?

Brian: I expect a hard fought game but I think the Friars are the better team. Besides, the Big East has been on fire to start the season.


Brian: BC is making plans to build a 160,000-square foot academic building called Stokes Commons on Newton Campus. As a fellow Newton Campus alum, putting undergrad academic buildings on Newton Campus … your thoughts?

Jeff: BC is building it on College Road in Newton so it will be on Middle or Upper Campus in Newton. I know, it is confusing.


Jeff: Time to jump on the BC men’s soccer bandwagon? They host Drake on Sunday in the NCAA Sweet 16. Do they advance to the Elite 8?

Brian: Yes, the Eagles will advance to the 8s to play the winner of North Carolina (a team the Eagles have already defeated this season) and Indiana.


Brian: Last one, HD with the surprise upset pick this weekend. Make a prediction and prove her wrong. Who ya got? What’s the final score?

Jeff: Boston College 34, Maryland 7. Thanks to an improving team and weak competition, the Eagles finally put together a complete game and win easily. I didn't want to jinx BC by taking them in Pick 5, but I feel good about this one.


Pick 5


  • Pittsburgh (-1) at West Virginia
  • Nevada (+13.5) at Boise State
  • Wake Forest (-4.5) at Duke
  • Clemson (-3) at South Carolina
  • Notre Dame (+10) at Stanford


  • Temple (-2.5) at Ohio
  • Rutgers (-3) at Louisville
  • Virginia Tech (-16) at Virginia
  • Boston College (-6) at Maryland
  • Georgia at Georgia Tech (-7.5)