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Happy Trails: Northeastern Football

Northeastern University has decided to drop its football program after 74 years. The university's board of trustees decided that they would need an additional multimillion dollar investments on an ongoing basis to keep the program competitive.

The Huskies haven't had a winning season since 2003. They will finish with a 289-364-17 record.

Despite being separated by only 4 miles, BC and Northeastern have only faced one another on the gridiron five times. The Eagles and Huskies played three times in the 1930s and only twice after the Division I-A and I-AA split (1999 and 2009). The Eagles hold a 5-0 advantage in the series, outscoring the Huskies 161-30.

The demise of the Northeastern football program also opens up an additional Eagles home football date in 2013. The Eagles are slated to play Northeastern, Syracuse, Wake Forest, NC State, Florida State and Georgia Tech at home in 2013. It would be great if BC would go out and schedules a name BCS program or strong mid-major looking for a one-off game in Chestnut Hill in 2013. But chances are good Northeastern will simply be replaced on the schedule by fellow Northeast cupcakes Maine or Hofstra.