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Dominique Davis To Transfer To East Carolina

Brian: Last week, BC backup quarterback Justin Tuggle announced that he was leaving the program and transferring. This week, another quarterback cut of the Jags/Logan QB mold finds a new home ... one that is all-too-familiar to his old coach and offensive coordinator. Former Boston College Eagles quarterback Dominique Davis has announced that he will transfer to East Carolina. Davis will have two years of eligibility left as he transfers from Fort Scott Community College to ECU next sesason. Jeff, your thoughts?

Jeff: I'm glad he might be getting a second chance to play for a program that is known on the national stage. I would've been absolutely floored if Davis emerged at a BCS conference school since I don't think his ability is great enough to risk using a scholarship on him after he proved he might not be able to handle the coursework. The connection at East Carolina to Logan and Jags is probably not just coincidental and there were probably a few phone calls made by his old coaches in his favor to help this to happen. But while I'm happy for Davis that he is getting the second chance he surely deserves, I kind of expected him to fall to a lower tier program where he be more likely to be guaranteed or win playing time. Are you at all surprised also? If Davis had stayed at BC it's very possible if not likely he would've never started another game for the Eagles.

Brian: I’m not very surprised by this. As you said, the Jags/Logan ties to ECU can’t be coincidental. Davis has a skill set that will translate well into East Carolina’s offense. It’s not like East Carolina is that well known on the national stage. At the end of the day, they are a good program in a second-tier conference. Did I expect him to play on a BCS conference program? No. But at the same time, I didn’t expect him to be playing in the Sun Belt, the WAC or Division I-AA. I like the Pirates' pickup and wish Davis well.

I particularly like that fact that Davis will get another crack at a good number of ACC teams over the next two years. In 2010, East Carolina hosts NC State and travels to both Virginia Tech and North Carolina. The following year, Davis will face both Virginia Tech and North Carolina at home. I already look forward to the possibility of a Jagodzinski/Logan QB prospect knocking off a Tom O’Brien-led NC State squad. The ironing is delicious.

Also, unless something really strange happens and a lower tiered bowl is left scrambling to find a replacement team, Davis and East Carolina won’t get to face BC. When Davis left, I thought there may be the slight possibility that Davis would transfer to fellow C-USA program Central Florida and the Eagles would have to face him in his senior year. Revenge is a powerful motivator so I’m glad the Eagles won’t have to face Davis.

Jeff: If Davis does ever face Boston College by some strange series of events in a bowl game and he completes more passes than he throws over the head of his receivers, I'll be furious and wondering where that was in the Music City Bowl and the ACC Championship Game last year.