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Who Will Be Next to Knock Off All 11 ACC Programs?

Brian: Most readers know this bit of trivia. Since joining the conference in 2005, the Eagles have defeated every ACC program except North Carolina. Only Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech have defeated every team in the league since 2005. BC, Clemson and Florida State need one more win to join the Techs in this category:

One win to go:

Boston College yet to defeat ... North Carolina
Clemson yet to defeat ... Virginia Tech
Florida State yet to defeat ... Georgia Tech

Two wins to go:

Maryland yet to defeat ... Duke and Virginia Tech
NC State yet to defeat ... Clemson and Virginia Tech
Wake Forest yet to defeat ... Miami and Virginia Tech
Miami yet to defeat ... Maryland and NC State

Three wins to go:

North Carolina yet to defeat ... Clemson, Florida State and Wake Forest
Virginia yet to defeat ... Boston College, Clemson and Virginia Tech


Still has to defeat ... Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Wake Forest, Miami (Fla.), Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Virginia Tech


Since we always predict BC to win, we'll assume for a moment that the Eagles become the third team to defeat all 11 ACC programs since expansion in 2005. So two questions: 1) who will be the next ACC program to defeat all 11 ACC programs (aside from BC) and 2) which team will the ever-improving Duke program knock off their list next?

Jeff: You have to go with Clemson as the next program to defeat all 11 teams. Florida State had it's chance against Georgia Tech this year and last. Now, they'll probably have to wait three years before playing the Yellow Jackets again. Clemson will have gotten Virginia Tech back in their rotation before then and next time Virginia Tech travels to Clemson there's a good chance the Tigers get the win.

Brian: I'm going to go with Miami. They get Maryland next year and NC State in 2012. Clemson may very well tie Miami in this category as they face Virginia Tech again in 2011 and 2012. Clemson might split those games but the 2011 game is in Blacksburg and that's one of the toughest places to get a win in conference.

Also, if BC doesn't get the win this weekend against North Carolina, the next shot they will have against the Heels won't be until 2013.

What about Duke?

Jeff: Next program to knock a team off their list? I'm looking at Duke to continue their roll this season and take care of Wake Forest next weekend in Durham. If they don't, the Dukies might still knock off Wake as their next ACC win when they play Wake Forest with no Riley Skinner next year. Most other teams only have teams left they play only twice in 5 years. Duke has plenty of opportunities on their lengthy list.

Brian: I agree with your Wake Forest pick considering Duke gets them at home this year and they took Wake to overtime on the road last season. If Duke can't beat Wake this year, look for Duke to pick off North Carolina off their list next year as they host the Tar Heels.