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Boston College Takes Care of Business

With the ACC Atlantic division title out of their control, BC took care of business today and won in Charlottesville to keep hopes of a trip to Tampa alive and get the monkey of no road wins this season off their back.  After Clemson defeated NC State earlier this afternoon, you had to be worried that BC would go out and lose to UVA after the emotional letdown of their ACC title hopes slipping away.  BC certainly didn't come out with as much energy as they could have but the bottom line is that they did get the victory and they have kept hopes alive of a 10 win season, a division title, and an ACC Championship.

Miami meanwhile was caught scoreboard watching and laid an egg after Georgia Tech wrapped up the coastal division by about 2:00 this afternoon when they were putting away Duke.  Miami should have had other goals on their mind like going to a BCS game as an at large team but they were too concerned with the conference title and let a winnable game against UNC slip away from them.  The Canes could've really made a statement today while USC lost to Stanford which made the possibility of getting an at large BCS berth very realistic with a win but instead Miami came out flat against UNC and fell down by 2 touchdowns early on and never recovered.

Both the Clemson win and the Miami loss hurt BC's postseason chances today.  Clemson losing obviously would've given the Eagles a better chance at winning the division and Miami winning and ultimately making a BCS bowl would've moved BC up a peg in the bowl pecking order.  A loss by Clemson to UVA next week would be great and make the UNC game and Maryland game a lot more exciting for fans, but BC could still win out and finish the season ranked which is the only goal that the Eagles have complete control of right now.  That should be the Eagles top priority.  Depending on game times, we might find out Saturday if the Eagles have their heads in the right place or if they are scoreboard watching.