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Boston College - UVA and the Big Finish

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Brian: The Eagles begin their 3 game season with a road trip to Charlottesville. The Eagles road woes this season are certainly well documented. Can the Eagles finally get in the win column this weekend on the road? What do you expect to see out of the Eagles this weekend? Who will step up?

Jeff: Nothing can cure problems of going on the road for this team better than trips to the two worst teams in the conference which is what the Eagles have left this season with road games at UVA and Maryland.  The point spread indicates that it will be a close game and I wouldn't be shocked if it is, but that is only because of the road problems the Eagles have displayed on the road.  Fortunately, the Eagles should be able to get away with turning the ball over a time or two more than UVA tomorrow and still come home with a W.

Brian: The Eagles offensive line has come a long way since we watched them down in Death Valley. Do you expect the O Line to continue progressing and give Shinskie and Harris enough time to put in strong performances on offense?

Jeff: We had a bye week and we are playing against one of the bottom four or five teams we play this year.  Neither of those points can be overemphasized.  The bye week game the team some time to get back to the basics and move further away from Jags/Logan/TOB football to Spaz/Tranquil football.  It also gave them a week of rest and recovery from injuries so I expect the team to look good, especially in the trenches where the long season can wear on the big guys and the O-Line was out of sync more than any other unit earlier this season.

Brian: Huge Eagles sports weekend. Perhaps the biggest of the year. On Friday night, the men's basketball team begins their 2009-2010 season as they host the Dartmouth Big Green at Conte Forum. The men's soccer team plays #7 seeded NC State in the ACC Tournament semifinals down in North Carolina. On Saturday and Sunday, the Eagles ice hockey team hosts Vermont as they wrap up their regular season Hockey East series. And of course on Saturday afternoon the football Eagles try to keep pace with Clemson in the Atlantic Division race as they travel to Charlottesville and take on the Cavaliers. Of the games I just mentioned, how many wins will the Eagles come away with this weekend?

Jeff: I hope this doesn't turn out to be the biggest sports weekend of the year.  It's certainly big for the men's soccer team and hopefully they will advance and play in the finals.  In the other four games I expect the Eagles to win.  I will be disappointed with anything but a win from the football and basketball teams who should both be in control of their respective games come the second half.  I also expect the hockey team to win at least one of two if not going 1-0-1 or 2-0.  It's a weekend that has a lot going on for the Eagles, but no individual game has a lot at stake.  For football, this game only matters if they go on to win the next two after Saturday.


Big Finish

Brian: Much has been made of BC's road woes this season, but let's not forget the Atlantic Division clubhouse leader has also struggled on the road this season. Clemson is 1-2 away from Death Valley, losing to Georgia Tech and Maryland and barely beating Miami on overtime. Chances NC State pulls off the miracle upset this weekend in Raleigh?

Jeff: I've probably watched as much Clemson football as anyone reading this and I am still not impressed.  Spiller gets the thumbs up.  Rest of team - thumbs down.


Jeff: Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen thinks that the Terps are better than their 2-7 record indicates and that they could easily be 7-1 or 6-2. Your thoughts?

Brian: Ok Fridge. And if BC could have played their first 9 games at home, they could easily be 9-0.


Brian: BC picked up a two-sport recruit in Bobby Swigert this week. An Ohio native, Swigert picked BC over Michigan, Stanford, Nebraska and Pittsburgh. You surprised BC beat out those four schools for Swigert's services as a wide receiver and shortstop?

Jeff: I am still slightly surprised and very excited anytime a football recruit comes to BC over Michigan and/or Nebraska.


Jeff: Do the Yellow Jackets wrap up the Coastal Division title this weekend against Duke?

Brian: Yes. Hopefully this gives Georgia Tech enough lead time to get students excited about their trip to Tampa and sell some tickets.


Brian: Former BC Eagle and Charlotte's starting power forward Shamari Spears was suspended for the 49ers season opener for a violation of team rules. Your thoughts?

Jeff: I'm disappointed.  I had high hopes for him early on at BC but then his progress slowed before he regressed and eventually transferred.


Jeff: Indianapolis Colt and former Eagle Jamie Silva is "jacked up" about playing New England this weekend. Who ya got? The Colts or the Patriots?

Brian: Both teams have struggled the past few weeks. I'll go with the home team in this one. Colts win in a close one.


Brian: Last one, HD predicts a 21-17 victory for the Eagles this weekend. I'm fairly certain you will also predict a victory for BC so let's get to your prediction. What's the final score on Saturday?

Jeff: If it's a close game late I'll tell you right now that I won't like our chances to pull off the victory.  I think BC will pull away earlier and coast though.  A ton of Montel in the 2nd half.  27-7 BC.


Pick 5

Brian: Last week's college football carnage (Iowa, Oregon, Penn State, Oklahoma, Cal, etc., etc.) also took its toll on our Pick 5 last week, as neither Jeff nor I got above .500 last week. But since Jeff put in a better performance than I did, he gets to pick first.


  • Stanford (+10.5) at USC 
  • Arizona (+3) at Cal
  • Miami (-3) at North Carolina 
  • Clemson at NC State (+8)
  • Virginia at Boston College (-4)


  • Georgia Tech at Duke (+12.5)
  • Florida State at Wake Forest (-5)
  • Auburn (+4.5) at Georgia
  • West Virginia (+8.5) at Cincinnati
  • Missouri (0) at Kansas State