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It's a much better Saturday night

As a BC fan, you have to feel much better about BC and the remainder of their season now than you did one week ago.  Last Saturday, BC lost to Notre Dame which was miserable enough in itself but meantime their ACC future took a big hit when Clemson traveled to Miami and knocked off the Hurricanes.  At that point, it was easy to say that a team that can go to Miami and win had a better chance of winning its next 3 games which include 2 home games and only one road game compared to BC's chances of winning its next 3 games which included 2  road games considering BC is 0-3 on the road this year.  

Thursday night, things looked even bleaker since UNC was able to go to Blacksburg and defeat Virginia Tech and BC still has UNC left on their schedule.

Today though, after BC handled and pulled away from Central Michigan in the second half, BC fans should've been reassured that BC is a very good football team that has just had some tough breaks/come out completely flat on the road so far this year.  Central Michigan was ranked #22 by CBSSports, was in Heather Dinich's top 25, and was ranked by many other voters across the country.  So, BC had a very good win today.

But that is not the only good news for Eagles fans today.

I was at the Clemson - Coastal Carolina today and I am happy to report to all BC fans that Clemson looks very beatable.  Don't be fooled by the 49-3 final score.  First of all, Coastal Carolina is not a good team.  They have a losing record overall and in their conference.  As comparison, Kent State was able to shut out Coastal earlier this season. Clemson struggled to move the ball with their first team in there in the first half and had to be helped by dropped interceptions, a 4th down offsides penalty, and a Jacoby Ford touchdown pass to build their 21-0 halftime lead.  I have never seen a 21-0 halftime lead that was so unimpressive.  

But Clemson just beat Miami and has FSU next week so they didn't care about this game.

Really? OK, maybe. But their win against Miami is looking less impressive now that Wake Forest, who is all but mathematically eliminated from post season play this year had Miami beat today and would have probably won had Riley Skinner not been injured.

Clemson fans believe BC is headed to Tampa once again.  FSU fans know that they not going to pull off the miracle.  When are BC fans going to believe that BC has a good team and has a great shot at going to Tampa again?