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ACC Power Rankings: Week 7

Another week, another set of ACC Power Rankings. Extracurriculars after the jump.

  1. Virginia Tech (5-2, 3-1 ACC)
  2. Miami (Fla.) (5-1, 2-1)
  3. Georgia Tech (6-1, 3-1)
  4. Boston College (5-2, 3-2)
  5. Clemson (3-3, 2-2)
  6. Wake Forest (4-3, 2-2)
  7. Duke (3-3, 1-1)
  8. Florida State (2-4, 0-3)
  9. Virginia (3-3, 2-0)
  10. NC State (3-4, 0-3)
  11. Maryland (2-5, 1-2)
  12. North Carolina (4-2, 0-2)


  • No change in the top 3 this week, which we'll probably get some flak for this week. Allow us to explain. Each of the top 3 teams - Virginia Tech, Miami (Fla.), and Georgia Tech - each won their home games against one another. Virginia Tech was the most dominant at home pounding Miami (Fla.) and was also the least dominated on the road, losing to Georgia Tech 28-23. Make sense?
  • Home field advantage is huge in the ACC this year, particularly in the Atlantic Division. Just look at the Boston College and Clemson wins last week. In the Coastal Division, each of the top three teams has won at home and lost on the road. Does this mean Virginia can knock off Georgia Tech this week and really change the landscape of the Coastal Division race? Doubtful, but you certainly can't rule it out at this point.
  • Wake Forest is back down 2 spots this week to #6 after their Clemson beatdown. They don't drop any lower though because the bottom drops out of the ACC real quick, and Wake at least has a respectable offense.
  • Who's the best team in the Atlantic Division? We don't know yet. It might not even be the team that ends up in Tampa. What we do know? The Atlantic Division champ isn't going to be Maryland (2-5, 1-2) or NC State (3-4, 0-3).
  • While Virginia is 2-0 in the ACC and Florida State is 0-3, Florida State's win at BYU is far and away better than any win Virginia has. UVA has fattened up on the bottom of the bottom of the ACC through 2 games. Expect the honeymoon phase of the first place 'Hoos to end sooner rather than later.
  • Much like the top 3, the bottom three stay the same this week. There's not more to be said about Maryland, NC State and North Carolina football as they are a combined 1-7 in ACC play.

This Week

ACC: Florida State at North Carolina (Thursday, ESPN) ... Georgia Tech at Virginia ... Maryland at Duke ... Clemson at Miami (Fla.) (ABC)

Non-Conference: Boston College at Notre Dame (NBC) ... Wake Forest at Navy

OFF: Virginia Tech, NC State