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Can the Eagles Stay Focused? and the Big Finish

Brian: It’s finally Friday! One day to game day. Woo!

This game is a big one for this young Eagles team. There are plenty of distractions going into Saturday’s game with Florida State. ESPN College GameDay will be camped up in the quad. The gold out. The great news that Mark Herzlich revealed this week. The speed and athleticism of Florida State. The wet weather forecast. Not to mention it’s the first nationally televised game for some of these freshmen. Will this team be up for the challenge, or will they let some of these distractions get in the way?

Jeff: This team needs to play with a lot of energy to compete with Florida State athletically. Having ESPN's College GameDay come to Boston College is helping BC without a doubt because all the buzz should ensure that the Eagles don't come out flat. Mark Herzlich made a prerecorded call to all season ticket holders yesterday asking them to make sure that they are in the stadium by kickoff and saying that he'll be out there early trying to pump up the crowd.

Brian: This game will probably come down to play in the trenches. Who do you like in the matchups this weekend? BC’s offensive line vs. Florida State’s defensive line? And Florida State’s offensive line vs. BC’s defensive line? Who do you give the advantage in each of these matchups?

Jeff: My pessimistic view of it gives the advantage to Florida State in both matchups because our defensive line is certainly not terribly strong. My optimistic view gives the Eagles the advantage in both because FSU's defense can get tired as evidenced in the Miami (that Miami) game and the Hurricanes' offensive line is nothing spectacular. In the end, I think both defensive lines will have enough success that neither quarterback will be able to sit back in the pocket tomorrow.

Brian: The forecast calls for thunderstorms and a high of 68 degrees. Does either team get an advantage with these weather conditions?

Jeff: The game 2 years ago was in the rain and Florida State came out on top.

Big Finish

Brian: Freshman linebacker Luke Kuechly has been moved from starting middle linebacker to backup weakside outside linebacker to make room for McLaughlin in the lineup. You like the move?

Jeff: Put him anywhere and he'll find the ball and make some plays.


Jeff: Spaz said that if he was asked to participate in the USA Today Coaches poll, he would decline. Respect the move?

Brian: Absolutely, especially considering the crazy results that have come out of the Coaches poll the last few weeks. How do coaches have time to vote and coach their teams?


Brian: Give me your best sign slogan to make for tomorrow’s College GameDay telecast.

Jeff: Big cutout of Herbstreit saying "I like Florida State's athleticism." How many years has he been on Gameday? The athleticism of teams is all he ever talks about.


Jeff: Over/under 75% of fans wearing gold tomorrow?

Brian: I want to go over here as the gold out is in honor of Mark Herzlich but I just can't. The rain will have people wearing jackets/ponchos over any gold shirts they are wearing so I have my doubts as to how successful this gold out will be.


Brian: Last one, HD thinks we are losing by a field goal. Tell her why she’s wrong, and give me the correct prediction for this game.

Jeff: I'm torn on a prediction here but I'll go with a homerish prediction of Boston College 31, Florida State 17.


Pick 5

Brian: Last week I went 4-1 while Jeff went 2-3 so I continue to pick first this week. On the season, I am 14-6 (.700) while Jeff is 6 games back at 8-12 (.400). Jeff claims there is easy money on the board this week so it's high time he does some catching up. Both of our picks this week include four road-warriors and a home underdog:

  • Florida State at Boston College (+4)
  • Auburn (+2.5) at Tennessee
  • Clemson (-13) at Maryland
  • Houston (-15) at UTEP
  • Virginia Tech (-16.5) at Duke


  • Michigan (+3.5) at Michigan State
  • Alabama (-16) at Kentucky
  • Pittsburgh (-6.5) at Louisville
  • LSU (+3.5) at Georgia
  • Oklahoma at Miami (Fla.) (+7.5)


I am in Boston for the game this weekend. Follow my adventures on Twitter @bcinterruption. Go Eagles!