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Helping BC Grads

Jeff: It's awkward to request money from our readers who we intend to present free BC sports coverage, but sometimes there are very worthy causes that we may have to make an exception for.  Next week I'll be in Austin, TX to participate in the LiveStrong Challenge event there on Sunday.  Mark Herzlich is the high profile BC cancer patient right now but there was another BC cancer patient that we lost this summer who was very close to Brian and me.  I will be ridiing with 4 other BC grads next weekend to raise money for cancer research in honor of our friend Andy.  If you can spare a few dollars to go towards cancer research and help out my team of BC grads, TEAM ANDY, please click here.

While in Austin next weekend, I also hope to watch the Notre Dame game with Ed Meyertholen, BC '74 who is battling Spinal Bulbar Muscular Atrophy(aka Kennedy's Disease).  Ed has been running marathons since he was diagnosed 10 years ago not only to stay in shape and slow the effects of his disease, but also to raise money to find a cure for Kennedy's Disease.  At age 55, the San Antonio Marathon on Nov. 15th will be his last.  Ed was featured in a Heights article and you can also learn more about Ed here and the disease here.  If you can spare a few dollars to help Ed's cause, please follow this link.

If you enjoy the coverage that BC Interruption provides, donating to Kennedy Disease research or to the LiveStrong Foundation would be a great way to show appreciation to Brian and me.