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Leader in the Clubhouse


Jeff: To relate the ACC Atlantic Division to a golf tournament, Boston College is the leader in the clubhouse halfway through the third round.  Being the leader in the clubhouse in some PGA tournaments has very little meaning when there are par 5s that every pro birdies and the winning score for the tournament in 20+ under par.  But, in tournaments like the US Open where the winning score is often over par, being leader in the clubhouse is having a huge advantage on the field.  The ACC Atlantic Division race this season is like a US Open.  Any ACC win goes a long way towards getting to Tampa.

Right now, Boston College is sitting in the clubhouse for the next few weeks as their next ACC game is not until November 14.  BC is currently atop the Atlantic Division with a 3-2 record. While the Eagles are idle the next three weeks as far as conference play is concerned, they are likely to stay there and watch their margin for error grow down the stretch.  

Clemson - the most likely team to head to Tampa aside from BC now that they have a win over both BC and Wake Forest - heads to Miami next week for a game that is very losable and then play Florida State on November 7.  Clemson is almost sure to pick up a loss (if not two) between now and the next time BC plays an ACC game.  

Do you still think Wake Forest has a chance at the division crown?  The Deacons will have played Miami and at Georgia Tech before BC even gets back into ACC play.  

Are you Heather Dinich and think Maryland has a chance of winning the division?  The Turtles play two ACC road games and then play Virginia Tech on November 14 when BC gets back into conference play.  

Florida State and NC State?  Well they're already 0-3 in conference with losses to BC so who cares who they play coming up.

If Boston College is not at least a game up in the division standings when they resume ACC play, to say I'll be shocked is an understatement.  As horrible as BC's two losses have been this season, BC is probably heading back to Tampa since their remaining three ACC games are against teams who have a combined record of 6-9 vs. 1-A opponents.