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A Charlie Davies Update


Here is an update on Charlie Davies. Davies reportedly shattered his leg and fractured his face and arm:

U.S. National Soccer Team forward Charlie Davies is in serious but stable condition and resting following several hours of surgery at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. to treat injuries suffered in a one-car accident on the George Washington Parkway early Tuesday morning in Northern Virginia.

Davies suffered a lacerated bladder and fractures to the tibia and femur bones in his right leg. He also suffered facial fractures and a left elbow fracture. Davies was air-lifted to the hospital where a team of doctors first repaired a ruptured bladder and then inserted titanium rods in both the tibia, the bone in the lower leg, and the femur, which is the thigh bone, with no complications. Davies will be hospitalized for at least a week and additional surgeries will be required to stabilize his left elbow fracture and possibly the facial fractures.

As the US Men's National Team prepares to play Costa Rica tonight, Davies has been described as being "responsive."

At RFK for US-CR. Davies update: Described as being "responsive" (handsqueezes), still serious but stable cond. Wore seatbelt, in back seat.

Fans attending the game tonight at RFK are encouraged to print this out and hold it up during the 9th minute of the match.

Finally, given the severity of the crash, the diagnosis sounds fairly promising:

Davies hospitalized at least 1 week. Added surgery will be required for left elbow, possibly facial fractures.

USSF: Titanium rods inserted in Charlie Davies' right femur/tibia.

USSF doc: Davies' injuries usually require 6-12 months recovery & long rehab. Due to CD fitness, chance to play hi level again improved.

While Davies will likely miss next year's World Cup, it's great to hear that Davies might be able to play again. Here's to wishing Davies a speedy recovery.


U.S. Striker Charlie Davies Has Broken Tibia, Femur After Serious Car Accident (SBNation StoryStream)