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BlogPoll: Revised Week 1 Ballot

Our biggest gainers on the week are Brigham Young, Alabama, and Miami (Florida). All three of those teams impressed with wins over preseason top 25 teams.

The biggest losers? Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. Perhaps we were a bit harsh on Florida State, but they did lose at home to an unranked team (albeit ranked in our preseason blogpoll). Ohio State needed an four point swing late in the fourth quarter to avoid overtime with Navy, and Oregon's meltdown was fairly well documented on national TV. Oklahoma will be without the services of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner for what looks to be several weeks.

The only teams that start the season 0-1 in our ballot - Virginia Tech, Oklahoma and Georgia - all lost to (what we consider to be) top 10 teams. As such, we didn't think that warranted completely bouncing them from the ballot. Especially for Georgia who lost on the road in Stillwater.

Even after this weekend, we do still rank four ACC programs in the Top 25, but not really sure which one(s) to leave out. Georgia Tech? Clemson? Luckily for us, this one will be settled on the field, and in a hurry. Thursday night to be specific.

Finally, yes we are Boston College bloggers and no, we don't have Notre Dame in our top 25 ... yet. They handled Nevada. At home. Notre Dame should have beat a middle-of-the-Pack WAC team, just like BC should have waxed Northeastern, Duke should have beaten Richmond and Virginia should have taken down William & Mary. We'll watch the Irish's game against Michigan intently this weekend and if they handle the (dare I say) resurgent Wolverine spread offense, we'll take a closer look.

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida (1-0) --
2 Texas (1-0) --
3 Alabama (1-0) 10
4 Southern Cal (1-0) --
5 Oklahoma State (1-0) 4
6 Penn State (1-0) --
7 Mississippi (1-0) 2
8 California (1-0) 3
9 Brigham Young (1-0) 15
10 LSU (1-0) 3
11 Oklahoma (0-1) 8
12 Virginia Tech (0-1) 4
13 Michigan State (1-0) 2
14 Miami (Florida) (1-0) 7
15 Georgia Tech (1-0) 1
16 Clemson (1-0) 4
17 Boise State (1-0) 5
18 TCU (0-0) 1
19 Nebraska (1-0) 2
20 Georgia (0-1) 2
21 Missouri (1-0) 5
22 Cincinnati (1-0) 4
23 Pittsburgh (1-0) 2
24 Ohio State (1-0) 14
25 Utah (1-0) 2

For your reference, here is last week's ballot.

Dropped Out: Oregon (#12), Florida State (#14).

Welcome! Missouri (#21), Cincinnati (#22).

Waiting Room: Florida State, Notre Dame, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas Tech, North Carolina, Oregon, Oregon State, Boston College

By Conference: Southeastern 5, Big XII 5, Atlantic Coast 4, Mountain West 3, Big Ten 3, Pac-10 2, Big East 2, WAC 1

Teams We Disagree On The Most: LSU (8.49), Boise State (8.49), Pittsburgh (8.49)

Teams We Agree On: Florida (#1), Texas (#2), Virginia Tech (#12)

Games Brian Watched: The best thing about the opening weekend of college football? Plenty of opportunity to watch lots of college football ...

Towson at Northwestern (in-person)
Oregon at Boise State
Miami (Fla.) at Florida State
Cincinnati at Rutgers
Georgia at Oklahoma State
Alabama vs. Virginia Tech
Northeastern at Boston College (50%)
South Carolina at NC State (50%)
Oklahoma vs. BYU (50%)
Maryland at California (50%)
Missouri vs. Illinois (50%)
Minnesota at Syracuse (25%)

Games Jeff Watched:

Oregon at Boise State
Alabama vs. Virginia Tech
South Carolina at NC State
Miami (Fla.) at Florida State
Cincinnati at Rutgers (66.7%)
Minnesota at Syracuse (50%)
Navy at Ohio State (50%)
Georgia at Oklahoma State (25%)
Oklahoma vs. BYU (25%)
Maryland at California (25%)