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Five Good Minutes: Clemson Preview With Block-C

To preview this weekend's Clemson game, we spent five good minutes with the Clemson blog, Block-C. If you haven't checked these guys out yet, Block-C is a must read for your fix on all things Clemson Tigers.

In exchange, we answered some questions for Willy Mac and Block-C. Here are our answers to Block-C's questions.

BCI: For Clemson, it was the tale of two halves against Georgia Tech last Thursday night. Before you knew it, the Tigers were getting de-pantsed in front of a national TV audience and were down 24-0. The Tigers, however, were able to score 27 unanswered points and actually take the lead in the fourth quarter before Georgia Tech came back to win the game. What adjustments did Clemson make in the second half that helped spark the comeback?

Block-C: They stopped shitting the bed and started playing football. That's the most honest assessment I can give you. The first half, they came out like they had been paid to take a fall. We started playing out assignments and stopped over pursuing and playing bad spots. We calmed down and just played.

BCI: Last year, Clemson’s offensive line was absolutely annihilated by the Alabama defensive line in the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic. Tell us about your O-line this year. What improvements and/or personnel changes have been made to bolster the Tigers O Line?

Block-C: After that game last year, I'd say our line improved a little bit each game. Then over the summer, we improved just a little bit more. So after adding all those games up (don't forget the bowl game), I'd say that puts us at being just a little bit better than completely shitty at offensive line. We're a strong, shitty offensive line. Oh yeah, and we average the heaviest line in the ACC at a few ticks over 315 pounds on average.

BCI: Have you been impressed with what you’ve seen so far from Kyle Parker? What can the Eagles expect out of him on Saturday?

Block-C: I really have been impressed. He has a good zip on the ball and is just a straight up athlete. He reacts like a good up and coming quarterback should. He can scramble if necessary. They can expect to see a pretty... fuck it, just throw this one out. I mean, you saw the Georgia Tech game. You saw what he can do given a proper amount of time.

BCI: Who are your playmakers on defense? Special teams?

Block-C: Our play makers are just about everyone on that side of the ball. The one great thing I like about Kevin Steele and the defense he's set up is that they have some great play makers that make an even better unit.

If you had to point to one player, go no further than DeAndrea McDaniel, of the Megwa broken femur fame. He is that one guy one the team that when the coach says to "tackle beyond the ball carrier" that he actually goes and does it. It's really unfair how hard he hits.

If you had to point to a specific unit right now, I'd say it's the defensive line. The put the appropriate pressure one the offense and open up the right alleys for the linebackers to do their jobs. They also close the right gaps to stop the run.

BCI: Until last season, the Eagles have had the Tigers number in ACC play. We hear a lot of times other ACC program fan bases calling for Boston College to go back to the Big East or to jettison both Miami (Fla.) and BC and go back to a nice little 10-team league. We think these gripes are unfounded and these people are just a bunch of haters. Curious as to how you feel about ACC expansion and in particular the addition of Boston College, Virginia Tech and Miami (Fla.)

Block-C: I've never heard of it. But I am starting to look at you guys as if you're our black mark of death right now. Ever since you guys joined, we were awesome for like two years, then we've been going beyond the low water mark for some time now.

BCI: Jeff and I haven't missed the Boston College at Clemson game since the Eagles joined the conference in 2005. We absolutely love making the trip down to South Carolina as you guys know how to throw a pretty darn good tailgate. While Clemson may be the toast of the ACC when it comes to their tailgating scene, have you come across another school that one-ups you in this department?

Block-C: Not in the ACC ... We do tailgaiting right. No, we're not full of it. We just know we do this thing properly. Also, a real team doesn't limit their tailgating to x amount of hours before and after the game. Jesus, that was conceited.

BCI: Last one, make a prediction for this game. Who wins? What's the final score?

Block-C: We do by 4-7 in the 20's.

BCI: Thanks for joining us guys.

For more information on the Tigers, be sure to check out Block-C.