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Headlines: What We Learned From The Scrimmage

Jeff: Now that all reports are confirmed, we know that Dave Shinskie did break a rib in Sunday's scrimmage and that was the reason why he did not see more snaps. This clears up all doubt that Shinskie was the favorite to be the starter for Boston College's season opening game against Northeastern on Sept 5th, but now, due to the injury, we are uncertain if he will be ready and able to do so.

As a point of reference, Matt Ryan went 35 of 63 for 304 yards and 2 TDs in the three scrimmages leading up to the 2007 season. While these numbers are slightly better than the numbers our QBs have been putting up this fall, it was still well shy of the 32 of 52 for 408 yards and 5 TDs that he put up in the season opener against Wake Forest that year.

The only other thing I've taken away from the scrimmages is that the place kicking seems to be decent. Aponavicius only went 2 for 4 but the two misses were a block and a bad snap issue. It seems to me that in the spring and so far this fall he has been solid with his 35-45 yard attempts. If this continues into the regular season, that would fill a glaring defect we have had in our special teams for the past several seasons.