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Proper Player Etiquette While Playing NCAA Football 10?

Brian: In a recent interview with Retired (a quality general football blog by a BC Guy, by the way), BC FS Wes Davis admitted that when he plays EA's NCAA Football 10 video game, he usually doesn’t play with Boston College ...

RR: A lot of college players play the NCAA College Football 2010 video game. Do you guys play that?

WD: Oh man... we all play it (everyone on the team who plays video games). It's funny because I remember I was reading an article on the Internet when Dominique Davis had gotten kicked out, some reporter was criticizing him for playing video games. I'm like... I'm the one playing video games. [laughs] He criticized me and everybody else.... some of the better players on our team. It's nice, ya know, a little release time.

RR: Yea, I remember when I was there and leaved near a bunch of the players, they played a bunch.

WD: Especially when you're in high school, that's the one thing you dream of... being on the video game. Once you're there, it's not really that big of a deal, but it's fun.

RR: You normally use BC?

WD: Man.. I wish, but these EA people can't get our ratings the right way [laughs]. If they had our ratings where they needed to be, I'd play with the team more often, but they got us terrible. I'm a competitive person, I can't lose games on principle.

Now admittedly I haven't gotten the chance and upgrade to NCAA Football 10, and my only frame of reference is last year's rankings. But still, something doesn't sit well with me here. Jeff, a member of the BC football team not playing with Boston College? Fair or foul?

Jeff: Davis makes a very legit point that BC is underrated by EA Sports (a point that we hammered home a year ago). But at the same time, he's playing somewhere on the campus of Boston College. Why do they need to play Texas vs. Florida all the time? Why don't they play Boston College vs. Boston College with home and away jerseys? Or why not BC against some of the similarly ranked ACC opponents like Duke, Maryland or Wake Forest?

I want to say I understand him, but no. He's wrong. Stick with BC. You can play as yourself!