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Headlines: All Signs Point to Shinskie

"If you've got four, you don't have any."

Brian: Despite what Mark Blaudschun hinted at last week (that BC would name a starting quarterback by this past Saturday's scrimmage), the first scrimmage came and went without Coach Spaziani naming a starter. The four QB candidates - Codi Boek, Justin Tuggle, Michael Marscovetra, and David Shinskie - all had underwhelming performances in the hour-long scrimmage.
  • David Shinskie (Fr.) – 3 of 8, 22 yards, 1 INT
  • Codi Boek (Jr.) – 4 of 6, 15 yards
  • Justin Tuggle (RS-Fr.) – 2 of 6, 9 yards, 1 INT
  • Michael Marscovetra (Fr.) – 5 of 6, 45 yards, 1 INT

The quarterback situation is obviously messy. Tranquill has never gone into a season without a QB that has had at least 1 game of I-A experience. That’s 47 years of experience! Not to mention the offense tends to struggle in the season-opening scrimmage, yet these kind of numbers are indeed ugly. Cause for concern?

Jeff: The numbers that the quarterback candidates put up (while I would've liked to have seen one of them find the end zone) are no cause for concern whatsoever. Clearly, no candidate was in long enough to get truly comfortable back there and find any rhythm. Also, when you are playing an intrasquad scrimmage, the defense always has the advantage and we also know that our defense is our strong point to begin with.

Brian: Blaudschun is now reporting that, while Spaziani still appears to be hedging a little, Shinskie will be the No. 1 starter going into the opener against Northeastern. Marscovetra is currently the No. 2, Tuggle the 3, and Boek won't get as much work.

"Nothing clear cut yet,'' said BC's first-year head coach. "We're still in the evaluating process. But David (Shinskie) is going to get a little more snaps than anyone else and Michael (Marscovetra) will follow him and Justin (Tuggle) will follow him. Codi (Boek) won't get as much work."

As Blaudschun points out, Spaz's big decision will be whether to play or redshirt true freshman Marscovetra. There are certainly questions about Marscovetra's maturity, but he has shown the best arm strength in camp early.

The next scrimmage is scheduled for this Wednesday. Over/under on when Spaziani will name a starter?

Jeff: I think he wants to officially name one but no one has stepped up enough to let him. I expect the starter named within 10 days.