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Headlines: Final Scrimmage in the Books

Jeff: The Eagles finished their final scrimmage today and the offensive numbers were far more impressive today than they have been up until this point. Tuggle got off to a fantastic start by going 6 of 9 for 104 yards including a 41 yard TD pass to Rich Gunnell. But then he must have faded quickly after that because he finished the game 7 of 19. Completing only one of his final ten passes, no matter how good our defense might be, is not the way you want to finish off the preseason and head into the first game where he may not start but I imagine is sure to get playing time.

Codi Boek also threw a touchdown pass today but it sounds like he is not in the mix to be the starter on opening day. It still appears that Shinskie will start if he can get back to practice soon and Tuggle will start if Shinskie is unable. Spaz had high praise for Tuggle after the game ... sorta.

"Tuggle has made a lot of strides," said Spaziani. "In the beginning of this, he was somewhere else on the ladder, but he took a licking and came back ticking. He could have gone two ways. He went the positive way. It means a lot and he's made progress."
If Boek ends up in the mix look for an option type offense unlike any we have seen at Boston College, at least since I've been following the team.