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Mail Time: U-S-A, U-S-A!

Behold! A soccer post.

We got this in the mailbox the other day from our good friend Raj ...
From: Raj

Subject: Ummm

How does Charlie Davies not get a shout out on BCI? For a goal in the amazing 3-0 victory over Egypt. Which capped an amazing/lucky string of games to have them in the semifinal of the Confederations Cup against Spain. I'm predicting a 4-1 Spain victory.

Here is our mea culpa. Big DAP to Charlie Davies for not only scoring a sick, first goal in the US's 3-0 win over Egypt, but also for setting up the game-winner against Spain in the Confederations Cup semifinal. Not so sure about that semifinal prediction though, Raj. Oops.

In case you missed Charlie Davies goal and the US's first goal ...

USA 1, Egypt 0

USA 1, Spain 0

Good luck to Davies and the rest of the US Men's National Team as they try to complete their improbable run in the Confederations Cup Sunday against the winner of Brazil / South Africa (in progress).