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Headlines: Shinskie and More Baseball Talk

Jeff: The big news of the last 36 hours is that QB Dave Shinskie is coming to the Heights and will be in an Eagles uniform this season. Will he be the starter? Who knows. Will he compete for the starting job? Absolutely. As you have probably already read, Shinskie was recruited by BC for the 2003 class but ultimately signed with the Minnesota Twins as a pitcher.

Should you be excited about this commitment? Absolutely. Do we have a Chris Weinke headed to the Heights? I doubt it. But Dave Shinskie could be something far less than a Heisman trophy candidate to still be considered a godsend next season.

Moving to baseball since baseball is still center stage in the NCAA right now we bring back BC alum and editor of the College Baseball Blog to talk about the tournament.

Jeff: Now that some dust has settled, how bad was the abuse of the pitchers in the 25 inning marathon game against Texas?

Brian from tCBB: I think the Austin Wood usage is a massive red flag. I think Belfiore being used for that amount of pitches is also questionable but how do you take a kid out of the game when he is just rolling through the lineup. Belfiore was nearly unhittable too. I still think BC should have won that game somehow and they would be in the CWS right now if they did win that game.

Jeff: With UNC and UVA left representing the ACC, what are the chances an ACC team wins it all?

Brian from tCBB: I think UNC and UVA have a good chance of winning the title. I would put them at a 33 percent chance of winning the tourney right now combined. I have LSU as my favorite still as they are the most balanced team in the tourney. If UNC and UVA keep pitching as well as they have, then they will be a tough out in Omaha.