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Headlines: More on Dominique Davis

Jeff: We bring in Nick from Towers on the Heights to fill Brian's void. Nick, the big news out of Chestnut Hill yesterday was that Dominique Davis is going to be transferring because he couldn't hack it academically at BC. This is not a good thing, but I'm kinda thinking it is not a bad thing either, your thoughts?

Nick: One perspective is that it is a bad thing because our only QB with any game experience is gone and I guess that is a valid point. However, I would have to counter that arguement and say he didn't have much experience and pretty much folded under any kind of pressure situations. (except for the Wake Forest game where most of the credit goes to the defense and Davis was AWFUL for 3 quarters). Davis was unable to run the offense in the ACC championship game nor the Music City bowl against a decent, but not great, Vanderbilt team. Davis' play when he took over for Crane after Crane broke his collar bone made me beg to have Chris back and that is saying something from one of Crane's biggest critics.

Davis was given every opportunity to take the starting quarterback position in spring ball but never took it hold of it. He was the least worst of the 3 QBs in spring ball and that is not a good thing. I really do think Davis leaving is a addition by subtraction situation because he didn't have the internal fortitude to not only work hard on the football field but also in the classroom. I don't want someone like that being the QB of the team I'm rooting for. Another thing this does, is it allows one of the other QBs to learn and grab some game experience because lets face it with the loss (likely for the year) of our two best linebackers and a transition to a brand new coach and system, without Matt Ryan, BC wasn't going to go 10-2 or 11-1 anyway. I am really looking forward to seeing if Tuggle has the ability and heart to earn this QB spot, as he was hyped up to do or if Codi Boek has the toughness and heart to play QB at a division school.

Jeff: Suddenly, Gene does look like a genious for scheduling two sure wins to start the season and you can bet money that both Tuggle and Boek will see action. But back to Davis, I am a little surprised about the strong stance you are taking on this. I am not happy that Davis is leaving. Davis did get us to the ACC Championship Game last year after Chris Crane went down unexpectedly. I would have loved to see him come back this year and have success. Whether or not I am happy about this though does not equate to whether or not this is a good or bad thing. This is NOT a good thing. There is no way that losing our only QB with any experience is a good thing. But is it a bad thing? Probably not. The fact that Codi Boek went from off the depth chart to competing for the starting position is somewhat of a sign that Davis was not having as good of a spring as we all would've liked and maybe he was a better fit for the Logan offense. We all heard about how much time he a Logan spent together leading up to the ACCCG and bowl games last year. So basically, I am going to say this move, from what we know right now, is not a net gain or net loss. The team will still be lead by defense and a ground game next year.

Nick: The 2007 recruiting class was a transition class from TOB to coach Jags but it isn't really working out. So far 6 out of 18 recruits have either transfered out or failed out (Davis, Bennett, Plue, Magazu, Eason, Johnson). Why do you think the coaching changes are behind this or is it just a bad bunch of recruits?

Jeff: The coaching staff is totally to blame for this. Jags and the new staff had to make offers without spending as much time with the kids as they probably would've liked and some of the staff was new to the tough academic requirements at Boston College. They might have pushed in a few recruits that never had a chance to be successful academically at BC which the TOB era would not have done. With Spaz at the helm now, I do not imagine this trend will continue at all.