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Davis Out

Jeff: Shortly after the BC baseball team was the center of every Eagles fan's attention, the football program stole back the spotlight.

It was announced Tuesday that Dominique Davis is leaving BC after being suspended for academic reasons.

This story reminds me of the Jags-Jets interview which stole the spotlight right after BC defeated UNC in Chapel Hill which was and will be forever one of the great upsets of all time for the BC men's hoops program. After this weekend, it is likely that the BC baseball team will hold a spot in the records book for a long long time with their 25 inning loss to Texas in the NCAA tournament but instead of people like me who talk BC sports on a daily basis talking about that accomplishment for the baseball team, I, along with the rest of the BC sports world, am instead talking about Davis leaving BC.

Football is king at BC. Hockey and basketball can be extremely successful in the future but their offseason news will never draw attention like offseason football news does.

I felt bad for the players on the basketball team when their team defeated UNC and the Jags rumors and stories broke almost immediately following. Tonight I feel bad for the baseball team that was praised for a few days, but now will not be talked about again in the broader group of BC fans until maybe next season or maybe even after that. All they can do now is say what if. What if they had beaten Texas and survived to play another weekend.

More on Davis tomorrow.