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Going Solo And The Big Finish

We couldn't get a deal worked out with GDF to fill-in for Brian so I'm going solo. Maybe next time Brian gets married I can get TK or Wilbon to step in.

The baseball program set one final record this season when Tony Sanchez was drafted #4 overall and became the highest Boston College selection ever in the draft. Congrats to Tony and to the program once again on a great season.

Some people are not terribly excited about Shinskie but I still think he is a great pickup. If he doesn't win the starting job we are no worse than we were and it is more than worth a scholarship to take a chance.

I may never understand how people can become as fanatical about their favorite professional sports teams as people do about their alma mater but it clearly happens, especially in the Yankees-Sox rivalry. That rivalry is losing punch though with the recent dominance by the Boston based side just like the Boston College vs. Notre Dame football rivalry.

Finally, how bad must it suck to be an Orl ando Magic fan right now? Make a layup and one more free throw and they'd be up 3-1 in the series. Instead the hated (or loved) Lakers are on the verge of another title. Reminds me of some BC what-ifs. The great what-if in my opinion being the BC vs. Miami game in 2001 where what was about to be a go ahead score in the final minute for BC against #1 Miami turned into an unusual Brian St. Pierre interception returned by Ed Reed for a victory clinching touchdown.

It still hurts.