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Weekend Out, Disrespect Edition

Brian: I'm sensing a theme here ...

Yesterday, it was State fans drinking the JPG Kool-Aid, today it is ESPN's HD's early ACC bowl projections:

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech
Chick-fil-A Bowl: Florida State
Gator Bowl: NC State
Champs Sports Bowl: Miami
Music City Bowl: Georgia Tech
Meineke Car Care Bowl: Clemson
Emerald Bowl: North Carolina
EagleBank Bowl: Maryland
GMAC Bowl: Wake Forest

At-large: Boston College

Out: Virginia, Duke

If Boston College is going to be the 10th ACC bowl-eligible team next season, HD must think we are going 6-6 and finishing last in the Atlantic Division. My guess as to what she's thinking? 3-1 out of conference and 3-5 in the ACC.

(Note to HD: ACC is NOT getting 10 teams bowl eligible again, especially since NC State, North Carolina and Duke all have to get to 7 wins since they are playing not 1, but 2 I-AA cupcakes this season.)

Look, I have just as many reservations about BC's 2009 season as the next Eagles fan. However, it simply amazes me how sports writers can make the same mistake about BC year-in and year-out and offer only mild platitudes of apology about how they were wrong about the Eagles when it is all said and done.

Keep doubling down on shorting BC football, naysayers. One of these seasons you'll finally be right.

As always, thanks to BC Mike for the Kool Aid. Have a good weekend. Back Monday.