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Pimp Spaz's Ride

Brian: Auburn recently upgraded its recruiting ride - from a stretch limo to a stretch Hummer. You like this move?

Jeff: Absolutely! Spend as much money on recruiting as you can afford without breaking NCAA rules.

Brian: Perhaps we should pimp Spaz's ride. What would you have Spaz ride around in for the recruiting season?

Jeff: If you're saying the stretch Hummer is already taken, how about we go with a little party bus done up in maroon and gold with a cozy interior.

Brian: No, no, no. We gotta throw some local Boston flavor onto the Spaz-mobile. My vote is for a maroon and gold Duck Tour mobile. Not only would this be styling but it could also go where regular vehicles couldn't.

Need to recruit in New Jersey or Florida and don't want to deal with the traffic on I-95? Hop in Boston Harbor and boat it on down there! Unfortunately though, the Duck Tour mobile would probably get even worse gas mileage than the Auburn stretch Hummer.

While I don't really watch the show anymore, I found myself home yesterday afternoon watching ESPN's Around the Horn. Towards the end of the show, they discussed this very topic of Auburn football's new wheels. J.A. Adande hated the idea because of economic reasons - sends the wrong message to recruits, etc. Mariotti called the upgrade "cheesy" while Bob Ryan says "brilliant." To counter, Mariotti called out "old school" Bob Ryan and said that if a northeast program like BC would make this move, Ryan would be against it. Ryan countered by saying that there is no college football in the Northeast. Way to stick up for your alma mater. What do you have to say to Mr. Ryan?

Jeff: I am one of the first people to say that college football in Boston is nothing like college football here in South Carolina so if Bob Ryan was simply pointing out that things at Auburn are always going to be a little different than things at BC, he's right sadly. But if you are looking for one of our alums and supporters to get us a little national attention, Bob Ryan blew it big time. Shame on him.

As for how Alumni Stadium stacks up with southern football stadiums or at least the ones I've been to, it doesn't really. The students are every bit as good at Alumni or better than most places now that they are doing better about making it to the game on-time. But meanwhile, the rest of the fans (with their Red Sox hats and non-logoed shirts) make little noise. In other stadiums around the country, it's much harder to pick out where the students even sit because not only do the not wear Superfan shirts, but the rest of the stadiums are just as packed and making a lot of noise, not just the students as it is in Alumni sometimes.

Brian: Somehow we went from pimping Spaz's ride and slamming Bob Ryan's lack of support for BC on national television to slamming Alumni Stadium and BC's fans?