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Headlines: Notes from Football Scrimmage

Brian: Here are the notes from this past weekend's first intrasquad football scrimmage. Let's get to what most Eagle fans find most interesting this early - the quarterback competition. The lines:

Dominique Davis RS So. 9 22 64 0 3
Justin Tuggle RS Fr. 9 11 87 1 1
Codi Boek So. 7 14 61 0 0
Alexander Atiyeh RS Fr. 1 1 26 1 0

So Jeff, what, if anything, can we surmise from this past weekend's action?

Jeff: Davis is going to be Tuggle's backup this season and Eagle's fans will be extremely happy when Spaz makes that announcement. There is no surprise there. We saw in the ACC Championship game and Davis had weeks and weeks of practice as the #1 quarterback and went up against a great Eagles defense in those practices that Davis just does not quite have what it takes to be a great Division I-A QB. Tuggle might not either but Davis had his chance to prove himself at the end of last year and fell short. This year Tuggle should and probably will be given the benefit of the doubt going into the first game.

Brian: I realize that this is only one scrimmage but I tend to agree with you. The offense usually struggles against the defense in the spring, but Davis' line is pretty ugly. We should at least be encouraged by the defense as Mark Herzlich took one of Davis' INTs back 43 yards to the house.