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Where's the Hype for the East Regionals? and the Big Finish

Brian: The East regional semifinals were played last night at the Garden, and the Big East cleaned up like it was old times with Pittsburgh and Villanova advancing to the Regional finals. The Globe wrote yesterday about how buzz around town was, shall we say, lacking. The response from most interviewed was "What? What tournament?" Can BC and college sports ever win in Boston?

Jeff: I clued you into this yesterday when it was reported on ESPN radio that there was no buzz in Boston for the regional which began there last night. Going to a regional or a conference tournament or a conference championship games is something that you and I have both had the opportunity to do and half the fun of it is not going to the actual game(s) but going out in the city before and after the game and talking basketball/football with fellow fans and alum along with opposing fans and alum. In Boston the regional is fallen victim to the same lack of hype/covereage that BC sports get every season and will conitnue to get as long as the Celtics and Red Sox don't get relocated.

Brian: Still, the Garden looked packed and the BC logo on the court looked particularly nice. We should play some games at the Garden during the year. I have to think the economy is somewhat to blame here too. As we know, the Georgia Dome wasn't filled to capacity for the ACC Tournament. And much like the ACC Tournament semifinals were far better attended than the quarterfinals (since Duke and North Carolina were both playing on Saturday), I would expect the Regional final to be much more hyped and better attended given that former Big East rivals Pittsburgh and Villanova will meet in the final. At least that is probably the best possible Regional final matchup for the city and the Garden (as opposed to a Duke-Xavier final).

Big Finish

Brian: It's been reported that DeFilippo is talking to Villanova AD Vince Nicastro to try to renew the Big East basketball rivalry with the Wildcats. If you can schedule any 3 former Big East foes to renew a rivalry and beef up our out of conference strength of schedule, who you got?

Jeff: Villanova is at the top of the list because its one of those schools that many BC applicants have also applied to with Georgetown being another. Notre Dame would be my third choice and this is mainly because we know that Syracuse and UConn will never schedule us as long as their current coaches are in place.

Jeff: Baseball home opener this weekend against No. 20 Clemson. The two teams are 1, 2 in the ACC Atlantic Standings. After a disappointing midweek loss to Holy Cross, can the Eagles take the series?

Brian: I only have the Eagles winning 1 of 3 this weekend. But with the weekend rotation of JB MacDonald, John Leonard and Mike Dennhardt, wouldn't be surprised if we take 2 or even sweep this weekend.

Brian: More hating on the Eagles out of Raleigh. My boy takes a look at the unbalanced ACC schedule and has this to say about the Eagles, who ranked 11 of 12 as far as having the toughest ACC conference schedule: "Of course, like Virginia in 2006 and Virginia Tech in 2007 — two other teams that benefited greatly from weaker ACC schedules — the Eagles were exposed quickly in the NCAA Tournament, losing in the first round to USC." Clemson, Wake Forest and Florida State had nearly as easy ACC schedules this year, finishing 10th, 9th and 8th, respectively, on that list. I guess those teams weren't exposed in the NCAAs though, right?

Jeff: Ha. ACC had a rough first round that has nothing to do with unbalanced schedule this year. BC did beat Duke and North Carolina so BC was just a rare bird this year.

Jeff: Liberty college basketball star Seth Curry is transferring. It is rumored that he is looking at an ACC school to transfer to. Seth and Stephen's dad, former NBA star Dell Curry, played for Virginia Tech. Any chance Skinner goes after Curry and the Eagles land the point guard?

Brian: 0 percent chance. No way. The Currys have ties to Virginia, so if it's not Virginia Tech or Virginia, I'd imagine we are talking about one of the Carolina schools or even Maryland. He'll stay close to home, and it makes too much sense to replace Tyrese Rice with Curry.

Brian: BC was voted one of the top 10 most popular basketball programs in the country by a recent Harris Interactive poll. They are joking, right?

Jeff: What? Has to be a joke. Either that or expect a lot more games to be on ESPN next year.

Jeff: Brian, you still like Gonzaga to beat North Carolina tonight now that Lawson has played a game on his overhyped toe?

Brian: I do. Of the four teams to beat the Heels this year, two of the four run a version of the Flex offense (Maryland and Boston College). Gonzaga also runs the Flex, and if Austin Daye can get going, the Zags can pull off the upset.

Brian: Last one, SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker sat down with Dan Patrick who asked her if she'd like to be the Ashley Judd of North Carolina. She said she would be honored. We can't let this stand, Jeff. To one-up our ACC brethren, who you recruiting to be the Ashley Judd of Boston College?

Jeff: Elizabeth Hasselbeck I suppose.

Brian: Weak. That's all you got? A co-host of The View? How about recruiting another SI Swimsuit model. Bar Refaeli?