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Headlines: The Situation - Basketball

Brian: It wasn't a pretty win, and at times in the second half, we seemed to have no business being in the game, however a win is a win. Sanders redeemed himself for the bad reach-in foul on Georgia Tech's Lewis Clinch by hitting the game-winning shot with 1.7 seconds left. The win gets the Eagles to 21-10, 9-7 ACC and all but a lock for an at-large NCAA tournament berth. One of the more peculiar stories coming from this game was this article in the Boston Globe explaining how Skinner drew up the final play of the game. Jeff, how do you feel about Skinner's coaching performance Saturday after reading that story?

Jeff: I am a Skinner supporter and completely agree with everything he said there about having plenty of time left to get off a good shot. I notice commentors on the globe article are already ripping Al Skinner again but there is no reason to. Players panic with very little time left way too often. With two seconds left you do have plenty of time to get a good shot off just as he said. BC and Al Skinner got the win so what is there to complain about. Before anyone say GT's record you wouldn't be disappointed with a one point victory against them. This is still a team that finished in 11th last year.

Brian: Let's hope we carry the momentum of a home win into the ACC Tournament opening round. The field is set for the ACC Tournament. The Eagles grab the No. 6 seed and will face the 11 seeded Virginia Cavaliers in the night cap of the opening round of the ACC Tournament. Here is the rundown:

(8) Virginia Tech vs. (9) Miami (FL)
(5) Clemson vs. (12) Georgia Tech
(7) Maryland vs. (10) N.C. State
(6) Boston College vs. (11) Virginia

(1) North Carolina vs. (8) / (9) Winner
(2) Wake Forest vs. (7) / (10) Winner
(3) Duke vs. (6) / (11) Winner
(4) Florida State vs. (5) / (12) Winner

Back in February Jeff, you gave the Eagles a 94% chance that they would win their first round ACC Tournament matchup. Now given that Virginia is coming off a 68-63 upset win over the Maryland Terrapins (possibly bursting the Terps bubble?) combined with the close call the Eagles had against a 2-14 Georgia Tech team at home, care to revise those odds?

Jeff: Not really. I still feel very strongly about the Eagles beating UVA on Thursday even though UVA beat Maryland as you said and also beat Clemson recently. Al Skinner's teams have played well in the ACC and Big East tournaments over the years and I am looking forward to watching BC play Duke Friday night where I give the team a decent chance of beating Duke for the second time this year.

Brian: What game do you think is the most intriguing matchup on the first day of the ACC Tournament?

Jeff: It is the VT-Miami game without a doubt. Both of these teams were considered locks for the NCAA tournament at points earlier in the season but have fallen off and are now needed probably multiple ACC tourney wins to get in. North Carolina is not looking forward to playing either of these teams on Friday.

Brian: The bracket matrix has us as the highest rated 9 seed. How far do the Eagles have to go in the ACC Tournament to improve their NCAA tournament stock, and can anything knock them down into the 10-12 range at this point?

Jeff: The Eagles need to beat Duke to improve their stock which would immediately move them to a 7 seed or better. A close loss to Duke might get them an 8 but they will probably stay a 9. A loss to Virginia would put them right back on the bubble. Do you agree that an NCAA berth for the Eagles is not a certainty after barely beating Georgia Tech and losing to N.C. State this week?

Brian: I would say there is only a very slim possibility the Eagles don't make the Big Dance. With teams like Virginia Tech, Maryland and Miami (FL) fading down the stretch, I think the ACC has earned at least 6 tournament berths, and the Eagles are clearly sitting pretty at No. 6. The top five teams in the conference are locks, and BC isn't really being challenged by Virginia Tech / Maryland / Miami (FL) for that sixth tournament spot.