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Headlines: Lady Eagles Snubbed

Brian: The women's NCAA Tournament bracket was announced last night, and BC ain't in it. For the second year in a row, the Boston College women's basketball team was left at the altar by the NCAA selection committee. Despite being a 10 seed in ESPN's latest women bracketology, the 20-11 (7-7 ACC) Eagles were left out of the field of 64.

The Eagles beat tournament teams TCU (20-10) at home and Georgia Tech (21-9) on the road as well as taking care of business against the bottom half of the ACC. Despite having an RPI in the 40s and a strength of schedule in the 30s, the Eagles won't be Dancing for the second straight season. Six - and not seven - teams will represent the ACC in this year's tournament.

I know we don't purport to be women's college basketball experts here, but what gives Jeff? Is it fair to leave the women's team out of this year's tournament? Is this simply a case of BC not winning games against anyone decent this season except TCU or Georgia Tech? Or do you think the Lady Eagles resume warranted being included in the field of 64?

Jeff: I am not claiming to know much about women's college basketball but I do know that while Tennessee and Connecticut are not in the ACC, a lot of the other top women's programs including North Carolina, Duke, Maryland and NC State are in our conference. Therefore, you would think a team that went .500 in the conference would be able to get in.

Why are they out? The answer is obvious. They have no quality wins. They might not have had any bad losses but just as the men's team was better off beating North Carolina and losing to Harvard than vice versa, the women would've been better off coming up with a marquee win along the way and still ending up with the same record.

How many BC women's game did you ever attend? I remember watching the women play Notre Dame when ND was #1 in the country and when Pat Summit and the Lady Vols came to town.

Brian: I can't say I've been to many games, maybe 1-2. I've been to quite a few more women's ice hockey games though.