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Boston College Baseball Loses Series With Clemson

Despite outscoring the Tigers 22-13 overall, the Eagles lost two of three games to Clemson this weekend. We don't talk baseball much here because neither Brian nor I closely follow college baseball, but since the Eagles were playing Clemson, I picked up the Tigers radio broadcast of the doubleheader earlier today. BC won the game last night and played well today but dropped both close games. When I started listening in the middle of the first game, Brian Foley, who was a guest on BC Interruption not too long ago, was a guest on the Clemson radio broadcast. He did a nice job of giving the announcers some info about this Eagles team. Check out his blog at

What was nice about listening to the games this afternoon vs. listening to MLB games is that time between at bats and innings was so much shorter so that there were constantly pitches being thrown. Where I live now college baseball is big time. Easily comparable to college hockey in Boston and, if anything, it is even bigger than that. If the Eagles can continue to battle in the ACC it will be fun to follow the team in the future.

The Eagles are now 6-6 in conference which is impressive given their history in the ACC. Good luck to the team from here on out.