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BCI Tournament Pool: Elite 8

OK, OK. So my Gonzaga pick was a little off. Lawson and the Heels straight up dominated the Zags last night to move within a game of the Final Four. In the first half, it seemed like UNC couldn't miss. This is of course good news for the 18 pool participants that picked North Carolina to win the National Championship.

North Carolina was THE pick of this tournament, with 41% of brackets picking the Heels to win it all. Pittsburgh came in second with 27% of brackets, and Louisville third with 10%. Of all the brackets, only 5 have lost their National Champion pick (2 for Memphis, 2 for Boston College and 1 for Washington).

With only 7 games left to play, "let's go to the leaderboard ... Mo!"

1 West Coast Bias 26 30 24 - - North Carolina 80 168
2 Adam Garcia 24 26 24 - - Pittsburgh 74 162
3 Omar 25 24 24 - - Louisville 73 161
3 Bracketological Beats 21 28 24 - - Pittsburgh 73 153
5 Conte Coffin 22 26 24 - - North Carolina 72 160
5 Mosakowski's Men 22 26 24 - - North Carolina 72 160
7 Coach Handsome 25 26 20 - - Pittsburgh 71 159
8 Furb 20 30 20 - - North Carolina 70 134
9 Andy's Picks 21 24 24 - - North Carolina 69 165
9 Der Springer 25 24 20 - - Pittsburgh 69 157

The Leader

For the second straight round, West Coast Bias is your overall leader with 80 points and a possible point total of 168. Bias has correctly picked 47 of 56 games correctly, having only missed 3 games beyond the first round games. West Coast Bias has a comfortable 6 point lead on our second place bracket Adam Garcia (Adam's bracket can only win the entire tournament with a Louisville-Pittsburgh final where Pittsburgh wins it all).

New to the Top 10 this week is Conte Coffin, Mosakowski's Men and Andy's Picks. All three brackets correctly picked 6 of 8 Elite 8 teams.

Straight Bangin'

This week's Straight Bangin' Award will be split 9 ways. Congrats to Bracketological Beats, Conte Coffin, Hoosier Daddy, Bean, Left Coast Chris, ATLeagle, BCMike, BC'10412 and mlcmnd for picking Missouri to advance to the Elite 8. Only 16% of all Yahoo brackets had Missouri in the Elite 8. Of those 9 brackets, 6 were man (or woman) enough to have the Missouri Tigers advancing to the Final Four.

This award usually goes to a bracket that goes out on a limb and has a great upset pick come true, but with pretty chalky Elite 8 - four 1s, two 2s and two 3s - I have to take what I can get. It's just too bad that Bracketological Beats didn't trust in the ACC and pick Maryland over California in the first round, otherwise this bracket would have had a ...

Perfect Regional

Last time around, we had whittled our way down to 2 perfect regionals. With 2 seed Memphis being upset by 3 seed Missouri, that took out our last two perfect regionals, as West Coast Bias and BC Billy 1979 had Memphis advancing to the Elite 8.

Bracket FAIL Award

We will stop picking on Fear the Stache - still in last place - and turn our attention to southerncomfort and Jeff. These brackets only picked 2 of 8 Elite 8 teams correctly, the lowest point total of the round. And of the two brackets, southerncomfort is actually in a better position than Jeff, having selected Louisville in the Midwest and North Carolina in the South to advance to the Final Four. The only teams Jeff has left are North Carolina and Oklahoma who play in the South regional final tomorrow. Jeff will be rooting for the Heels, his eventual National Champion.

Jeff chalks up this Bracket FAIL award to the ACC who let him down and completed effed his bracket over this year.

Jeff vs. Brian

This week, I currently lead Jeff by 5 points on the strength of picking 4 of 8 Elite 8 teams correctly. As I mentioned, Jeff had a forgettable set of Elite 8 teams - Wake Forest, Boston College, Purdue, Memphis, Florida State, Duke, North Carolina and Oklahoma. Gotta ... little carried away with those ACC teams, eh Jeff?

Jeff's hopes of defeating me this year in our bracket challenge now lie solely with North Carolina.

Also worth noting that Jeff and myself can no longer win this thing. The best I can finish is 3rd (with a Louisville-Pittsburgh final) and the best Jeff can finish is 15th (with a North Carolina vs. Missouri/Michigan State final).

Enjoy the Regional finals and check back on Sunday for an update after the Final Four.