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Upset City Baby! and BasketBlogpoll #2

1. Wow! More on the big win tomorrow ...

2. Here is this week's basketblogpoll ballot.

Rank Team Delta
1 Connecticut (24-1)
2 North Carolina (23-2) 1
3 Oklahoma (25-1) 1
4 Pittsburgh (23-2) 1
5 Michigan St. (20-4) 5
6 Memphis (22-3) 1
7 Villanova (20-5) 7
8 Clemson (20-4) 4
9 Wake Forest (19-4)
10 Missouri (22-4) 7
11 Butler (22-3) 1
12 Duke (20-5) 6
13 Gonzaga (19-5) 5
14 Xavier (21-4) 6
15 Dayton (23-3) 7
16 Arizona St. (19-5) 4
17 Illinois (21-5) 7
18 Louisville (19-5) 7
19 California (19-6)
20 Kansas (20-5) 4
21 Washington (19-6) 2
22 Marquette (21-4) 9
23 Utah (18-7) 2
24 Florida St. (19-6) 5
25 Boston College (19-8)

For your reference, here is last week's ballot.

Dropped Out: UCLA (#15), Ohio St. (#21)

Welcome! California (#19), Boston College (#25)

Waiting Room: Ohio State (17-6), Syracuse (18-7), West Virginia (17-8)

By Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference 6, Big East 5, Big XII 3, Big Ten 2, Pac-10 3, Atlantic 10 2, Conference-USA 1, WCC 1, Horizon 1, Mountain West 1

Biggest Winners:

  • Villanova - yes, the Wildcats were just upset in Morgantown, but Villanova's string of 6 wins including 23-2 Pittsburgh, 18-7 Syracuse and 21-4 Marquette is still very impressive to give them a bump in our ballot.
  • Missouri - picked up a quality win vs. 20-5 Kansas this week. Still have tough games on the road vs. Kansas and at home vs. Oklahoma. Should finish with a 13-3 or 12-4 Big XII record.
  • Illinois - the Fighting Illini are emerging as the second best team in the Big Ten. OK wins this week against Purdue and at Northwestern. Tough games remaining at Ohio State and vs. Michigan State.

Biggest Losers:

  • Marquette - I watched the Golden Eagles fall apart on the road against South Florida on TV last Friday, and then Marquette got blown out on the road vs. Villanova. Marquette has an extremely backloaded Big East schedule and they may tumble down the stretch.
  • Louisville - for breathing life into an otherwise lifeless Notre Dame team (losers of 7 straight before they handed Pitino and the Cardinals a 90-57 beat down!).
  • Xavier - when you play in a mid-major conference, the margin of error week to week is that much greater. So when you lose on the road to Duquense and follow that up with a loss to fellow A-10 NCAA Tourny aspirant Dayton, you have to drop a few spots. Still, too many quality wins on the season to drop the Muskateers too far this week (Missouri, Virginia Tech, Memphis, Cincinnati, LSU)
  • Duke - losers of 4 of their last 6 games, Coach K may need to hit the panic button soon. If Duke isn't careful, the Blue Devils might be looking at a 9-7 ACC record (or worse!) and may have to play in the opening round of the ACC Tournament for the first time in ages.

No Change:

  • Connecticut keeps rolling and holds on to our ballot's top spot. We swap UNC for Oklahoma as the Heels have now rattled off 8 straight including beating down on Duke on the road
  • Not a great week for the ACC's top teams including Duke, Clemson and Wake Forest. Not sure to do with Wake Forest this week. Sandwiched between blowout wins over possible Tournament teams Boston College and Florida State is a curious loss at NC State. So we left them right where they were last week.

Also, BCI DAP to Boise State for ending this nonsense of ranking a 23-1 WAC team ... Nothing against Utah State. I'm just not sold on their 157th ranked strength of schedule.

APB out for any SEC team that want to make an appearance on our ballot. 2008-2009 SEC basketball = 2008 Big East football?