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Headlines: Left in Their Wake ...

Brian: Jeff, you were able to watch most of yesterday's game between BC and Wake Forest. After leading by 1 at halftime, the Eagles fell apart in the second half and were outscored by 18. So what exactly happened, Jeff.

Jeff: Boston College needed to score 47 points in order to have that one point halftime lead. You know that that is bad news for an Al Skinner squad to be in that type of shootout. The Eagles had to find a way to slow down Wake in the second half, but they could not and gave up another 46 points in the second half. BC had its chances to hang with Wake in the high scoring affair but they had some balls slip through their hands and missed some putbacks and other easy opportunities. Rakim Sanders was apparently playing with an injured wrist and I am hoping he was because if he doesn't have an excuse for his extremely poor performance on Saturday, we need to worry about him. Rakim only scored 1 point in the game and a good performance out of him could have easily led to an Eagles victory depsite the large margin of defeat we suffered.

Brian: It didn't seem like Sanders could handle Jeff Teague. Teague ended up with 27 points and Al-Farouq Aminu had 26! I hope that Sanders get better soon because the Eagles won't be able to hang with either Clemson or Duke if Sanders goes 0 for from the field. But shouldn't Al have benched Sanders earlier if he was hurting? Are Skinner's personnel decisions partly to blame for the second half blowout?

Jeff: Wake nearly scored 100 so Jeff Teague scoring 27 is no surprise and no one really handles him so I'm not blaming Sanders nearly as much for his inability on defense as I am for the fact that he was a complete liability on offense yesterday. Secondly, criticizing Skinner's in-game decisions is very popular and often times warranted after every BC loss. I think that Skinner could've put Sanders on the bench sooner but he was also put in a tough spot when Rice got hurt. By the time Rice got back in the game Wake had just about put the game out of reach. We played a good team yeasterday that matches up well against us on the road. We can not get too upset about this loss.