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Sources: BC To Fire Jagodzinski

Steve Conroy of the Herald reports that sources confirm that Jagodzinski did interview with the Jets today. The New York Times also reports that Jags interviewed for the head coaching vacancy, citing an anonymous team official.

And now, we wait ... What is needed here is a good ol' fashioned sit down. DeFilippo would like to have a face-to-face meeting with Jagodzinski to discuss the situation, a meeting that could take place as early as Wednesday.

ESPN's Joe Schad was told by two sources that Jagodzinski would not be retained by the school.

Also in that article is this interesting tidbit:
Sources told the Globe that Jagodzinski has made multiple inquiries into returning to the NFL, where he was a coach for the eight seasons before taking over the head coaching job at BC. The newspaper reported that Jagodzinski has put out feelers for offensive coordinator positions as well as head coaching spots.

Possible landing spots include the New York Jets head coaching position - where Jags appears to be a long shot - and the open Offensive Coordinator position with the Seattle Seahawks. Jags has ties to both Seattle's starting quarterback and BC Guy Matt Hasselbeck and has worked as an assistant under coach Jim Mora.

Heather Dinich writes that regardless of how this situation plays out, Boston College again needs a change of direction.