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A Mildly Informative Update from ESPN

Brian: A mildly informative update on the coaching situation from Lots of past tense verbs sprinkled in there. Not good, but then again, we knew this wasn't going to end well.

"Jeff is a very good man and an excellent football coach," DeFilippo said. "He did a wonderful job for us while he was here at BC. I wish Jeff would not take this interview and would remain as head coach at BC."

DeFilippo would not discuss the specifics of Jagodzinski's contract but did say the two had a mutual understanding when Jagodzinski took the BC job just a little more than two years ago that he would be Eagles coach beyond the 2008 season.

"We certainly expected it would be more than two years before he would look or accept an interview [with another team]," DeFilippo said. "All contracts are different, as well as the spirit and intent of the contract."

If Jagodzinski is fired, a source told's Pat Forde that Boston College will consider three in-house candidates to replace him as head coach -- offensive coordinator Steve Logan, defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani and offensive line/assistant head coach Jack Bicknell.