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Jagodzinski Out, Search On

Gene made it official in his 3 p.m. press conference. A sad day for the university and the Boston College football program.

Although I fear we may never figure out the whole story, I wish we could get to the root of the issue as to why Jagodzinski wanted out. As a fan and a season ticket holder, it would be nice to understand the motivation on both sides. Is there something more deeply flawed in Chestnut Hill? Or did Coach Jags simply wake up one morning and decide college coaching wasn't for him?

I refuse to take sides on this issue. I'm merely hurt by the end result.

So thanks Coach Jags for two great seasons of Boston College football. Regardless of this misstep and how he handled the situation, it would be unfair in my opinion to throw him under the bus.

Jags provided a jolt of excitement into the program, and our accomplishments over the past two seasons speak for themselves. A 20-8 record (11-3 in 2006, 9-5 in 2007), back-to-back ACC Atlantic Division crowns, a No. 3 NFL draft pick, a Top 10 final ranking last season (and as high as No. 2 during the season), and some nifty dance moves - all while the program continued to graduate players at a high rate.

This program will move forward.

Let the coaching search begin ...