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Choosing Sides

Brian: I'm depressed. I feel like I'm caught in the middle of deciding which parent to side with in a divorce.* Eagle in Atlanta is firmly in the Jags camp (correction) ATL is on Team BC, but remains critical of Gene's involvement in this issue.

Jeff, what side of the fence do you come down on in this J-A-G-S Jags Jags Jags debacle?

Jeff: I wish one of the parents would hold a press conference so I could more easily decide. Right now though I am on GDFs side. I know it sounds like he might have overreacted and cost us a coach, but Jags has only been around for 2 years and is thinking about bigger and better things. GDF has been doing great things for BC athletics for a lot longer than that so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt until anything more info surfaces.

Brian: Yes, communication is key here. Sounds like GDF was caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, if Jags interviews for the Jets, I see the Athletic Program's fear of losing out on recruits in what appears to be a lackluster recruiting season. How could the program keep kids when the perception is that Jags is just looking for the next head coaching job in the pros? Now while great college coaches like Pete Carroll and Bob Stoops get annual ego strokes when their names come up for NFL head coaching vacancies, there is a difference between listening/thinking about the offers and interviewing. Stoops usually listens, hears the opportunity, politely declines to interview and walks away with an even more inflated ego.

On the other hand, I do not blame Jags for testing the waters of the NFL job market. He is an NFL guy and no one could honestly look me in the face and say Boston College is a final destination job.

Regardless of the outcome, this is going to end badly and not be good for the program in the short term.

Jeff: Head coach of the Jets is certainly a move up compared to the lateral move of say head coach at NC State. However, some reports are that there was a 3 year guarantee in his contract before he could go looking. If that is true, I stand by GDF. Also, this is ugly now but if Jags is fired and Logan is promoted all before the end of the day I think everything will work out.

* Team GDF and Team Jags shirts sold separately