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ATS Recap

Jeff: I'm assuming there are people out there that actually read this site regularly. I could be wrong, but I am hoping there are a few. We do not have or deserve the crazy following of Eagle in Atlanta but we do try here at BC Interruption and this fall we even tried to help you football fans win your office pools or make some money while in Las Vegas.

I'm sure no one did this, but had you bet $100 on every football game I told you to bet in the regular season, you would've made $570!!!!!! If you had followed Brian's blind advice, you wouldn't have lost your house or anything but you would've lost $60. Then if you hadn't learned your lesson and still followed Brian's gambling advice through the bowls, you would made $250!! I would've netted you the same $250 in bowl season for a college football season total of $820!!

We're happy to be in the black numbers here but we'll try to do better next year.