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Oddsmakers: Halftime at the Music City Bowl

Odds Davis has more than one turnover in the second half

Brian: 0%. Davis is getting into a groove now. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns the ball over one more time, but I don't think he commits two or more, giving him 3+ on the day.

Jeff: Davis had one pick and no fumbles in the first half. I can easily see Davis having a fumble since he has had a tendancy to do exactly that and he could easily throw a pick whether its his fault or a tipped ball. 50%

Odds Vanderbilt scores a touchdown

Jeff: Going low here. Vanderbilt probably already blew their best chances. 23%

Brian: 1.5% I am still on track for my 24-6 prediction and an Eagles win.

Odds Haden has more rushing yards than Harris

Brian: Haden hasn't done much in the first half. I don't like his chances. 10%.

Jeff: Harris will likely have more rushing yards but there is certainly the possibility for Haden to break a big run or just to see more touches because Harris has not been having his best game. Its closer to a toss up in this game than it has been in most this season. 48%.

Odds Bob Davie mentions Notre Dame more than 1 more time

Jeff: As the former Notre Dame coach, Bob Davie I believe has already mentioned Notre Dame twice. Considering Notre Dame is our highest profile opponent each year, I say odds are good that Notre Dame gets mentioned a few times. He still needs to talk about Clausen's Hawaii Bowl performance. 70%

Brian: 100%. There will be more than 1 mention of Notre Dame from Bob Davie. 1) will be when the Eagles are ready to win the game and he'll mention the bowl winning streak and then mention both Notre Dame's bowl win and breaking the streak of 8 straight bowl losses and 2) when the defense clamps down in the second half and doesn't let up a point, he'll mention the Eagles 17-0 shutout of the Irish as one of our other dominating defensive performances.

Odds BC wins

Brian: 100%. Davis just needed a quarter to get in the groove. This team was extremely rusty out of the game. The novelty of playing a bowl game for the first time in 26 years has worn off for Vanderbilt. BC will cruise in the second half.

Jeff: Wow, 100%? That's more confidence than I have. Hopefully Davis can build on that TD drive but there are no guarantees. Even if he doesn't play well hopefully the defense wins the game for us. 89%.

Go BC! We need to keep the streak alive, finish in the top 25, and have momentum going into next season.