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Headlines: The Blame Game

Jeff: Brian, now its time for the blame game. Frequent commenter Andrew is jumping on Steve Logan. I think there are several places to look, let me know which you are choosing if you have to choose just one.

  • Coach Jags - Punted on 4th and 4 from the Hokies' 34 - A touchback on the punt results in a 14 yard net punt.
  • Offensive Coordinator Steve Logan - Similar to the second half of the Wake game Logan was very pass happy in the second half and perhaps panicked a little early
  • Injuries at skill positions - Crane, Haden, Megwa were all out for the ACCCG
  • Injuries at non-skill positions - Toal, Albright, McClusky were all out for the ACCCG
  • Place kickers - Bennett was kicked off the team earlier this season and Aponavicious doesn't have a FG over 40 yards this season leaving Jags no option to kick a FG on 4th down from their 34. Meanwhile VT made a FG from the same spot in the game
  • Gunnell - Huge fumble on a certain scoring drive after a long catch down the middle. It appeared that Gunnell tried to break a tackle and make a break for the endzone which resulted in him losing control of the ball. No fumble and it might have been 14-14 at the half.
  • Davis - He turned the ball over multiple ways in the second half on Saturday which killed any chances of a comback
  • The defense - Not only did the defense let Taylor scramble twice for TDs on third downs, they never seemed to make a huge play the way we have been accustomed to this year.
  • The fans - Every BC fan expected victory on Saturday and was saving their pennies for a trip to Miami which never materialized. More fans in the stands could've given the D some much needed energy.
  • Me - Only moments before kickoff I told you I did not think BC was going to win.

Brian: While I don't necessarily want to put the blame on any one person or one unit, I think first and foremost Virginia Tech should send a thank you note to the Wake Forest secondary (or linebackers? whoever injured Crane). I don't want to take anything away from Virginia Tech's performance (as they beat us on both sides of the ball Saturday), but this game has a completely different dynamic if Chris Crane starts this game. The Hokie defense would have had to respect our passing game a little more than with Davis under center, which would have opened up the running game.

I put none of the blame on Davis, who was only making his second career start where the stakes couldn't have been higher. Nor do I put any of the blame on the defense. While they could have sacked Tyrod on third down, they played well, especially in the second half forcing several 3 and outs.

As for the fans, we just don't travel well and this game was in Florida on a weeks notice. I hardly blame the BC faithful. Virginia Tech didn't hold up its end of the bargain either and pound for pound in terms of fan bases, this is much more disappointing to me. If someone is to blame for this ACC Championship Game attendance issue, look no further than the Conference brass. This championship game is a complete money grab. The ACC gambled, rolled the dice and lost on having a Florida State-Miami matchup the last four years. Not to mention ACC football is always going to play second fiddle to the SEC in the state of Florida. We heard after the game that locals didn't show up to the game because they wanted to get home in time to watch the SEC Championship game between Florida and Alabama. And when there is more mention of highlights of the BU-BC hockey game than the ACC Championship Game on the Saturday morning edition of SportsCenter, the conference certainly has a PR problem on its hands. This game cannot move to Charlotte soon enough. At least they won't have to compete for attention with another football conference in North Carolina (with all due respect to Conference USA champ East Carolina).

And as for you, yes, you should shoulder some of the blame because we didn't get our pregame laps in waving the Boston College flag. There were approximately 10 other BC fans tailgating before the game and we needed to make our presence known. And for being negative and saying BC was going to lose before kickoff.

Jeff: Since you are going to place some blame on me I think frequent commentor Raj deserves some blame too for this wish before the Florida State game.

Raj: IS anyone else hoping that FSU continues the trend so we see Davis a little more? Im not saying career threatening or even season ending but just a nice bell ringing, couldnt hurt, could it?

Brian: Yes, Raj, it could hurt [this team].

Jeff: I am also going to add the recievers to the list of people to pass blame around to. Chris Crane went down in the Wake Forest game and none of our WRs made a play after his injury in that game until the one Robinson catch. There were plenty of catchable balls dropped in the Wake game and plenty of catchable balls dropped on Saturday as well. When a key injury hits your team, the people around him need to step up and I don't think the wideouts and our TEs helped Davis at all to give him confidence in his first few games.